Real Housewives of Atlanta: S04E16: The Error Apparents

Cynthia is back home with Peter after their one year anniversary party. Neither knows what the deal with her sister Mal was, what her issue with their marriage is. This was the last straw for Cynthia.

Kim is having Kandi over in her colorful striped dress. Kim wants to set the Africa situation straight. Kandi says that she didn’t say that Kim wouldn’t hold a black baby, Cynthia said it. Which pisses Kim off, she doesn’t really know Cynthia. They both agree to communicate better.

NeNe is in some office building meeting with a lawyer, Randy. He says everything’s all set for her and Gregg to finalize the divorce, they just need to present the documents to the judge. NeNe has mixed feelings, is unsure if she’s making the right decision.

Phaedra Parks attorney at law is the in her car talking to Apollo in his car. He is speaking at the Masonic Lodge about passage to manhood. Apparently manhood involves reading your speech WHILE DRIVING! He seems so nervous. They are introducing him while Phaedra dilly dallies about getting their son into the stroller. He starts his speech and it’s pretty good.

Kandi’s at Lil Ronnie’s house? Recording something or other that she wants to do with Jo Dee Messina. She’s ready to bring the song to Jo Dee in Nashville.

She by Sheree baby and she’s at her daughter Tierra’s apartment. She’s proud that Tierra landed a job in TV production. She thinks her boyfriend might be ready to propose to her. Sheree is telling her how crappy marriage is, what is she doing trying to scare her straight or something? You don’t tell your daughter to flush her dreams down the toilet and that everything changes when you get married. Seriously Sheree, jeez. Everyone’s different Sheree.

Cynthia is at the Bailey Agency and in comes Mal who says she’s going to France. Mallory apologizes to Cynthia about her behavior at the party.

Phaedra is throwing Ayden a 1st birthday party. There’d Dwight who looks like he’s gotten more work done- ugh. Phaedra has chartered a bus to get everyone to the party which has 4 party planners. It’s at a watermark 2 hours away, Sheree is the only one of the Housewives to show up.

OMG. There’s literally 12 different cakes for him to choose from, one for each month he’s been alive. 12 cakes! Twelve. Twelve cakes. Let’s write that again- 12 cakes.

Marlo is meeting with Lawrence now and apologizes for using the f-word.

Sheree is at a restaurant and there’s Damon, Tierra’s boyfriend. Uh oh, Damon says he talked to Bob about proposing. Bob is not even Tierra’s real dad, although she calls him dad. He tells Sheree what his intentions are, Sheree says she’ll help him pick out some rings.

Kandi’s in Nashville now at Jo Dee’s recording studio. Jo Dee Messina runs through the song with her band for Kandi. The song sounds pretty nice, a little simplistic in the lyrics (sorry Kandi). Jo Dee says there’s an event tonight and she wants to play it for a crowd to see what the reaction will be.

NeNe Leakes is at Neca Smith, a therapist’s office. She’s struggling with the divorce decision. The therapist doesn’t seem to help much, she needs more time to decide still.

Kandi and Jo Dee are at the Bluebird Cafe to showcase their new song. They’re dueling on the new song. Kandi’s proud of her first step into country music, rightfully so. The crowd seems to dig the song.

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