Real Housewives of Atlanta: S04E17: Fresh Princes

Phaedra is in a church doing a run-through of something or other. She’s got a lineup of little kids. It’s a service for Ayden, a blessing ceremony. Flower girls, bell ringers, child wranglers, Ayden and Phaedra and Apollo- this could be disaster. Never work with kids or animals, Phaedra. Never.

She by Sheree and her future son-in-law are in a jewelry store looking for the engagement ring. Damon needs some help. Not sure if Sheree is the best person, they’re showing him $40,000 and $70,000 rings, which seem to be a bit out of his price range. He chooses a $6500 one initially.

NeNe’s house. Brentt is home and he has a nanny? He’s 12. Maybe a little too old for that? He’s having a little difficulty with the transition to having NeNe and Gregg living separately.

Kim’s house now and Kroy’s coming home today. The balloons are set up, some chef guy is cooking for them.

Now Apollo and Phaedra are meeting with a team of people to take some photos for Ayden’s ceremony. The throne is set up, oh geez. It’s a royal theme going on with Phaedra in a red leopard suit. Not sure how that’s a royal theme, but it’s something. Ayden and Apollo are in their suits, Ayden is on his throne. Cute picture actually.

Sheree rolls up in her Range Rover, Damon brings her to a restaurant to scope it out for the proposal. He’s pretty pumped about the bar for some reason. He said he needs to be drunk to ready to do this. He says he’s not really sure if he wants to do it! Sheree says don’t do it if you’re not ready.

Kim’s chef has the lasagna all made and all is ready for Kroy’s return. Her girls are super pumped. They give him a hug and a beer as soon as he walks in. Niiiiice. Kroy feeds the baby after Kim shows off al the naked pictures of the two she hung around the house. Kim brings up the Sweetie thing and says she fired her. The kids are surprised. Kroy’s not. It was time for her to go. And lasagna is served.

It’s nearly time for Ayden’s dedication and Dwight is setting everything up at the church. Ayden’s throne picture is hung and the guests start arriving. There’s Cynthia and Peter and the harp is playing. Coincidentally it’s the same pastor as the one that married them. None of the other housewives have shown up yet as they start the procession which involves Ayden in a carrier thing. Here’s the procession, Ayden is being carried like a Prince on the backs of men’s shoulders. OMG. They bless Ayden.

Tags Boutique and Kandi is there with her daughter RIley. She’s helping to run the business, which apparently Kandi owns. Kandi’s got more businesses going on, wow.

Sheree’s apartment and Damon comes over. He says he’s scared and can’t stop thinking about it. He says he’s not ready to propose. It’s not time yet, he says.

Well it’s an hour late and Phaedra’s dedication is done and there shows up Kim, Kroy and CJ. At least they’re in time for the party part. Unfortunately they’re seated with Cynthia and Peter whom they don’t get along with since Cynthia said Kim wouldn’t come to Africa. Awkward. Cynthia and Peter take off. Kim and Troy too and Kim confronts Cynthia outside. Cynthia reluctantly apologizes.

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