Real Housewives of Atlanta: S04E18: All Pomp But No Circumstance

Oh yeah we’re back and Kim is in her Escalade on the phone with She by Sheree and she’s heading out to have lunch with Cynthia, to Sheree’s surprise. They’re going to iron out the “holding the black baby” in Africa issue.

They meet for lunch and get started chowing on quite large plates of food. Cynthia’s hair looks nice, as does Kim’s wig I suppose. Cynthia apologizes again. Kim says she’s totally different when she’s around NeNe. All seems ok with those two, for now anyway.

NeNe is driving in a convertible with her assistant Andre in California! NeNe has an assistant? She’s meeting with the producers of Glee and others. She’s been acting for years?!? Really? What? She’s getting annoyed by Andre, not having spent this much time with him before.

Kroy as at Kim’s father’s house asking him for his blessing to take her hand in marriage. He accepts Kroy, of course.

Kandi is at one of her 10000 businesses, getting the designs for her adult toys line. Some of the pieces are disguised as makeup.

Cynthia Bailey is at the Bailey agency checking her to do list, which only has one thing on it, lol. She’s got an event going on, Peter’s concerned that if she has more than 30 people in there, the fire department will shut them down. It’s some sort of model search.

Phaedra is at the funeral home, learning how to help the family make arrangements. It’s the final part of her apprenticeship training. The family comes in and her demeanor is pretty calming. She brings them in to sell them the casket. Ohh no, as she finishes the arrangements, it turns out to be an employee and not a real grieving family. She passed her training though.

NeNe Leaks is at some swanky restaurant in Los Angeles after her meeting with the Glee people. She’s been thinking about moving to LA. And there’s Steve Harvey, who is apparently friends with NeNe. Steve’s wife has a 25 carat ring, jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez. Steve isn’t exactly recommending LA for a family situation but NeNe wants to bring her son Brentt out there with her. And there’s Keisha Knight Pulliam who NeNe also knows?

Kandi’s working the retail floor at her Tags boutique today due to an employee shortage or something. Phaedra comes in to not buy some sparkle shorts.

There’s Phaedra, Apollo and their baby at some fancy affair for Willie Watkins, the funeral director friend. This is a classy event, there’s a lot of pomp and circumstance with horns blowing, swordsman in top hats, the whole deal. Kim doesn’t know who the guy being honored is or what’s going on. The ladies look totally bored at the endless speeches about Willie- 15 speeches!

Kim is talking the whole time and steps outside with Sheree to get a break from the speeches. And she reveals that’s she’s engaged! Huge rock, not as big as Steve Harvey’s wife’s, but 10 carats. Kim asks Sheree to be a bridesmaid. They go back in and finally Phaedra is called up on stage and announces their partnership and thanks him.

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