Real Housewives of Atlanta: S04E19: Happiness & Joy

It’s the season finale of the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Cynthia and NeNe are furniture shopping. NeNe’s finally made the decision to divorce Gregg. That’s a big deal for her. NeNe’s gonna have to cut him off totally- sex and all.

There’s the Kandi theme song and Kandi’s home videochatting with her partner Suki. She’s opening up her box of “happiness and joy”, her new adult toy line samples. She’s hosting an all-ladies party and giving out 60 samples of her “Happiness & Joy” product.

Cynthia’s event is happening, an open call for models. Peter shmoozes the cops outside, says it’s a model call so it won’t be rowdy. In they come and it’s a parade of fuglies. She’s taking Russell Simmon’s advice and giving the people that come in tips about what else they should be doing. She’s got about 10 potential models for her school after the day is through.

Kandi’s at her boutique planning her Happiness and Joy party with Phaedra, brainstorming some ideas. There’s She By Sheree. They’re going to be pick out some shirtless male models for the party. The first candidate has “taco meat” on his chest per Phaedra lolololol. The next one is just as skinny as the first. Finally a muscled model shows up. Then a parade of muscle dudes roll up to massage them and feed them chocolate. You’re hired dudes.

Kim and Kroy are out for dinner for Kroy’s birthday. Kim has a big present picked out for him, a surprise. They can’t wait and get the food to go. Up pulls his present, a Porsche with a big-ass bow on top. Sweet present.

NeNe’s rolling to meet the creepy John, her “business partner” for lunch. They’re looking for a location for their L Lounge. Surprise surprise, he got her a gift- it’s a freaking Rolex worth $30,000. She’s milking him for every dollar he’s got.

Back at the Bailey Agency, Cynthia’s starting off the six week class with the models she picked from the open call. One has a question, oh she forgot it.

Kandi’s party’s ready to start with her line of toys being presented called Bedroom Kandi. She’s got a good mix of journalist, friends, random Twitter followers and who knows what else. There’s the sexy male models, massaging away. There’s the talls, driving- we get a crazy Marlo appearance. NeNe, Cynthia, and Marlo are talking shit about the party before they even get there.

Phaedra says she loves checking out everyone’s booty, she’s a donkologist, PhD. Phaedra applauds her business sense. As does Mama Joyce. Cynthia and NeNe are making fun of the Twitter crowd. They don’t even come over to say hi to Kandi, not cool. Kim and Sheree at least say hi. NeNe’s had enough and she says she’s leaving, which sucks for Marlo and Cynthia since she’s their ride. NeNe leaves without saying goodbye.

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