Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: S02E01: Back to Beverley Hills

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has returned and it starts off with a bit of a tribute to Russell Armstrong who committed suicide since the filming. All the women and some husbands gather at Adrienne’s house to talk, sans Taylor. Very nice, everyone feels bad. Ok now on to the previously taped drama!

Giggy makes his first appearance of the season. Lisa (and Giggy) meet her daughter Pandora at a salon. Now we see Jason who is Pandora’s boyfriend; is Pandora going to be on the show prominently? Ken comes home and Jason wants to ask him for Pandora’s hand in marriage.

Kyle and Mauricio are moving up and out to a larger house. The whole family is packing up the house. She calls her sister Kim, who is choosing not to answer her calls after their fight last season.

Camille Grammer’s house now and she has a little golfcart to drive around her grounds?! Kelsey packed up all her crap from their Hampton’s house and sent it to her.

Adrienne and Paul have their personal chef “Bernie” and they’re arguing over a menu for something or other.

Kyle is hitting the stores shopping for the party at Adrienne’s. Taylor comes in talking a mile a minute about how she just saw Cedric, who was Lisa’s permanent houseguest who left in a tiff last year. She’s already scared of Lisa for some reason. Kyle says it’s the accent that makes her sound superior.

Paul and Adrienne are getting ready for their party. Adrienne has an impressive shoe closet. Look out Giggy, because the Maloof’s have a dog “Jackpot” with a styling leather jacket. Out comes the $2200 a bottle Angel champagne.

Adrienne is screening the episode of S$*t my Dad says that Camille was on. All the ladies are there..and Ken; Kim respectively declines the champagne on her way in (smart move!)

Uh oh it’s a showdown between Giggy and Jackpot. They don’t seem to like each other. No worries since neither one of them seems to leave their owner’s arms. They screen Camille’s appearance and it seems ok from the brief snippet they showed.

Adrienne and Paul are bickering the whole dinner. It’s awkward for me, I can’t imagine for the guests. Not as awkward as his goatee looks but awkward nonetheless.

Taylor says she’s in therapy with Russell to work on their marriage. Ken says he doesn’t believe in therapy, says it’s for the weak. Taylor is upset at Ken for saying she’s weak. Kyle calms her down. Now Ken is upset that Kyle is using the word “offended” to describe how Taylor is feeling.

Eeeeewww Giggy’s drinking from Ken’s champagne glass and now Ken’s taking a sip too. And we’re done….

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