Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: S02E02: Blame it on the Altitude

Mauricio and Kyle are unpacking all their stuff in their new house which is a mere 7000 square feet and 7 bedrooms, presumably in Beverly HIlls. Faye Resnick is there bossing Mauricio around about pool table placement.

Lisa’s going to Colorado and leaving poor Giggy alone in the mansion. She’s worried about being stuck with Taylor and Camille. I’m worried about poor Giggy- he’s going to have to actually use his legs to walk instead of being carried around everywhere!

Adrienne is packing too. She’s got 3 bags for 2 days. She seems to be fighting with her husband over every little thing. Not looking good with those two.

The poor limo driver can’t fit all over Taylor and Adrienne’s luggage in the trunk, so a bag has to ride with them lol.

Kyle, Kim and Lisa are all at the airport and Kim won’t shut the hell up and get moving. Lisa is getting pissed off. I’m getting pissed off. Kim shut up.

Now they’re in the air and some of the girls are punching some random dude in the ass who says he has buns of steel? How old are you ladies? 5? Seriously? And why does that fat dude have such a tight ass?

They’ve landed in Colorado and the limo driver tells them it’s going to be a 4 hour drive which horrifies them all. Meanwhile Camille and one of her many assistants waits at her ski house.

The housewives settle up the bedroom situation and climb into the giant limo to hit the town. The gossip starts and Camille says Kelsey Grammar had a hairy back and was a bad kisser. Tell us something we don’t know Camille!

The next morning Kim is sick and not getting out of bed- probably sick of all that talking. Camille has a “ski concierge” coming into the house who fits everyone for skis and boots. Kim manages to perk up and is awkwardly forced to flirt with the ski concierge. The ladies jump in the limo an hit the slopes, ridiculous outfits all around.

Hot tub time! Taylor and Kyle are hitting up the outdoor jacuzzi. They have a big heart to heart about Taylor’s relationship problems. Taylor’s upset but not saying what’s wrong. Maybe next episode….

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