Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: S02E03: Rocky Mountain Mountain Highs and Lows

The housewives of Beverly Hills are still in the mountains of Colorado and Taylor’s still drunk in the hot tube spilling her guts out to Kyle while the chefs prep some huge meal.

Kim lies down after the long day of skiing and Taylor comes in crying to her after getting out of the jacuzzi. Taylor apologizes to Kim for their fight.

Camille has a team of three chefs getting dinner ready. Taylor is waited in a suitcase in Kyle’s closet. Oy. Taylor’s a wreck. She’s freaking out about her missing makeup bag. She’s flipping out and totally irrational. Although arguably she was never quite rational- remember the party for her daughter?

Adrianne tells her to her face she’s having a nervous breakdown. The whole dinner turns out to be a big group therapy session for Taylor. Where’s Fraser Crane when we need him most?

While the ladies are in Colorado, Mauricio, Ken and Paul are having a men’s night out smoking cigars. Ken looks like he doesn’t want to be there. Or maybe he’s just missing Giggy.

Back to Beverly Hills the housewives go. Adrienne and Kyle are worried about how thin Taylor has gotten, among her other issues. I’m worried about her lips..what’s the deal with those plumpers?

Camille’s at her house in Malibu. She’s recapping her trip to her friend DD. She mentions how different Taylor’s situation is from her and Kelsey’s- they’re trying to work it out; Kelsey just gave her the boot.

Mauricio and Kyle are out eating Mexican at their restaurant. Even though Kim and Kyle have sort of patched things up, Mauricio is still upset at the things Kim said.

Lisa and Giggy are meeting their business partner. Oh and Ken’s there too. She’s trying to convince Ken to expand their restaurant Sur into the open property next door. Ken’s saying it’s too much. I get the feeling from the size of their mansion that Ken saying it’s too much means nothing to Lisa.

Adrienne and Paul are heading up to the last Sacramento Kings game of the season. They’ve been trying to get a new arena but haven’t been able to and may have to move the team. The head of security there is worried that the fans will be too hostile, to the point of moving them to another suite in the arena. Paul doesn’t want to go- it’s too dangerous. Adrienne says screw that, we’re going.

On their way to the game now. Sacramento Police Department will be there to meet them but Adrienne is still adamant about going to their normal suite and facing the music. She’s fighting with Paul over this, they seem to be fighting about a lot of shit.

To top it off, they’re bringing Kim to the game and she’s not at the airport for their private flight. They call Kim and she sounds like she’s totally on something, blabbing on like she’s wasted. They decide to wait a bit for her…. you’re gonna be a waiting a while guys.

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