Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: S02E04: Gossip Girls

We’re on the tarmac with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Paul and Adrienne are waiting IN THE PLANE for drunk Kim. This could be their last basketball game in Sacramento as owners. Kim’s crazy late and finally shows up and has some crazy story about the power going out and she can’t see to put on her makeup. She both looks and sounds crazy wasted.

Kyle’s new house looks nice…and huge. She’s planning a silent auction. Lisa says she’ll donate a dinner at her restaurant.

The Maloof’s have landed in Sacramento and are preparing for the angry fans since they might be moving the team. Kim is going off on a wasted tangent in the limo over to the arena. Did I mention how wasted Kim sounds because she looks wasted.

Lisa, Giggy, and Ken are at their restaurant Sur, where Lisa wants to expand next door…and it’s a go.

Taylor is over at Kyle’s house and she’s concerned about a gossip web site with stuff about her marriage on there. There’s a lot of details on there that someone close to her must know. Taylor says everyone on her staff has signed a confidentiality agreement. She has staff?! They suspect that it’s Lisa.

At the Kings game there’s a lot of sign waving protestors out there yelling for the Maloof’s to keep the team in town. Some fan calls her a traitor on the way in. They’ve got heavy security around their suite. Kim is still blabbing away the whole time, looking waited. Poor Adrienne wants to watch the game but Kim won’t let her.

Adrienne wants to go down to the floor but her bodyguard says it’s not a good idea. They decide to walk down to the tunnel area, getting harassed the whole way by fans. After the game, the arena staff is happy to see her and shaking her hand and taking pictures and shit. It has to have been at least 5 hours since they took off before the game and Kim’s STILL wasted.

Camille is in a surf shop?! She wants a wetsuit and a paddleboard. DD’s helping her pick it out. She’s got her annual Hawaii trip planned.

Lisa is still talking about her permanent houseguest from last season Cedric. She hasn’t seen him since he got the boot.

Kyle’s silent auction is getting close and she’s getting ready for it. Kim’s not going to make it to the party because she’s “tired” from going to Sacramento the night before. Tired=hungover? Maybe. Lisa and Ken show up at least. No Giggy. Barely any Giggy at all this whole episode. Thank you Bravo!

Faye Resnick is there. Taylor shows up. Lisa is concerned about her and says she’s lost so much weight. Taylor is still suspicious about the gossip article that focuses on her weight. And she’s finding it inappropriate to keep harping on her weight at a charity event.

Adrienne and Paul show up- where the hell is Kim? They had no problem making it after the game last night. They bring a super tall friend named Brandi who has a broken leg. Lisa’s seen her in gossip magazines in photos with Cedric. Hmmmm. Lisa sort of confronts her about that. All the women are making fun of Brandi because she’s wearing stilettos with a broken leg, after she broke it by tripping over shoes. That’s how it is in Beverly Hills Paul says, younger prettier women are threatening. Of course he’s a plastic surgeon so what else can you expect him to say? And….. the episode ends awkwardly in the middle of a party again.

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