Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: S02E06: Let the Games Begin

Back in Beverly Hills and Lisa is prepping (her staff) for a formal dinner at her manse. She’s prepping dinner for daughter Pandora and boyfriend Jason and his parents. She’s actually cooking something!

Taylor’s cooking ups something in her house too. Million dollar sunglass Dana comes over to “help”. Dana and Taylor are still freaked out that Brandi said “cock” at the party. They are planning some sort of game night.

Kyle’s lunching with Adrienne at a restaurant. Kyle is still not a fan of Brandi but Adrienne thinks she’s being real. Adrienne tells Kyle about the disaster that Kim was when they flew to the basketball game.

Now Adrienne’s meeting with Brandi over some milkshakes and cappuccinos. Brandi says none of the girls know what she’s going through and she’s glad Adrienne brought her in to this social circle (no thanks to the Bravo producers?)

Game night at Dana’s mansion. It’s awkward at first when it’s just Kyle, Dana, and Brandi. Camille comes in to break the tension and she’s pretty pumped about this for some reason. Taylor shows up, Adrienne cancels out leaving Brandi on her own with the sharks. Since there’s no kids at this party, Kim actually shows.

Kim is a mess when she comes in. Kim sounds wasted and she’s actually cleaning the mirror in the bathroom, wtf Kim? Kim says she hasn’t eaten or slept in 7 days, having anxiety attacks.

Meanwhile over at Lisa and Ken’s, their big dinner is on. Everything is just so, roses on the table, it’s all very formal. Jason announces that he proposed to Pandora while they were in New York. Lisa is overjoyed. Pandy wants Giggy to walk down the aisle with the rings… and since he’s already sitting at the dinner table, that shouldn’t be a problem as long as Ken can actually put him down for a minute.

Kim goes back to the bathroom again. Brandi is pretty sure she’s on drugs. Kim asking Kyle to step out for a minute while she does “something” by herself isn’t helping that perception. Kim is acting super weird, talking about Brandi as if she’s not there when she’s only 3 feet away. The games begin and it seems like everyone but Brandi is having fun.

Brandi is feeling on the outs. Kim hides her crutches and then Kyle challenges her to some sort of IQ test. Brandi says bring it bitch which pisses pretty much everyone off. Brandi calls her out for being mean and going to the bathroom so many times, Kim calls her a goddamn bitch. Brandi says flat out that Kim is wasted. I’m inclined to agree (on both counts- Brandi=bitch, Kim=wasted).

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