Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: S02E07: Game Night Gone Wild

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are still playing games at $25000 sunglasses Dana’s house and still fighting over whether Kim is blitzed or not and whether or not Brandi was inappropriate with her kid who peed in the grass. Brandi calls Kyle a bitch, Kyle tells her to fuck off. Brandi’s in tears. Brandi comes out and says Kim’s been doing crystal meth in the bathroom all night and don’t talk about her kid or she will f’ing kill her. Taylor finally steps in the middle before they break out into a fistfight.

Brandi hobbles off on her crutches as game night comes to a bad end. Kim stumbles out too. You would think they were playing competitive poker rather than a friendly game of charades the way they’re all ducking out of there. Dana is kinda insane too, trying to cozy up to all the ladies. Fits right in with the madhouse.

Adrienne walks across the street to Lisa’s house where Kyle is waiting as well. Kyle tells them about the game night catastrophe. Kyle’s side is a bit, okay totally, one-sided, making Brandi seem like an unprovoked bitch when her and Kim are totally at fault and Kim probably actually was doing crystal meth or something in the bathroom.

Taylor meets Brandi at lunch to comfort her after game night. Taylor says that Kim was stressed and probably on anti-anxiety meds. She tells Brandi to talk to Kyle to work this whole thing out.

Kim and Kyle and all of their kids are heading out for a trip to Palm Desert. Kim reveals she’s been using air freshener in her mouth instead of breath spray for the last week. WTF Kim????? This either totally explains her insane behavior or she’s so zonked out on drugs that she has no idea what she’s putting in her mouth.

Kim is pissed about this Palm Desert house saying that Kyle stole the house. It was willed to the 3 sisters and Kyle bought the other 2 sisters out, so she says. Kim tried to buy back in and Kyle didn’t want to let her back in to a share of it. Hmmm…real estate drama.

At Lisa’s house, she’s having the “best” wedding planner come over to plan out Pandora’s upcoming. The planner, Kevin Lee, is totally insane looking like a transvestite Imelda Marcos. His laugh is wild. His ideas are huge. Pandy wants a pink dress? WTF? Suddenly Kevin looks like the sane one…until he says it costs about $1 million for the average wedding in Beverly Hills for 180 guests.

At Palm Desert, Kim and Kyle are out to lunch alone. They are arguing over where Kim wants to move to- further away or closer to Kyle’s family. Kyle’s very pushy with her.

At Camille’s mansion, her closet is the size of many people’s houses. DD (Dedra) is there helping her pick out one of her 10 pairs of sunglasses. Camille and her mother are being honored at a cancer awareness event. Kyle and Lisa show up for the charity luncheon. Taylor and Brandi are there too. Dana is too, no sunglasses. Adrienne too; almost a full house. Dana buys a fur coat for $5000. Slight awkwardness as Kyle and Brandi are at the same table for the first time since the game night disaster.

Camille makes a nice speech about honoring her mom with the award. Lisa breaks the silence and asks Brandi where she lives. And that’s the extent of the entire conversation between them. Awwwwwkard.

Adrienne and Kim are out for a walk. Kim says she missed the charity event because she was packing, and not to avoid Brandi. Kim doesn’t even want to give her a second chance.

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