Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: S02E08: The Opposite of Relaxation

We’re at Adrienne’s fountain filled driveway as Lisa walks in to give her a cooking lesson. Adrienne’s just doing it to shut Lisa up a bit. Chef Bernie looks on, disapprovingly. Don’t worry Bernie, your job is safe. Adrienne washes off the chicken with soap lolololololololol. She doesn’t even know where the salt and pepper is in her own kitchen.

Taylor’s backyard now and Kyle and $25000 sunglasses Dana are there too with all their kids playing together. The ladies are still shocked at Brandi’s accusation of Kim using crystal meth and the whole blowout at game night.

Lisa’s at Mohamed’s house…who the hell is Mohamed??? It’s pretty sweet, like a castle almost. Mohamed considers Pandora his goddaughter (even though she’s the same age as his girlfriend) so he wants to throw a party for her in his Moroccan themed room (what, you don’t have one in your house?). His house is a mere 60,000 square feet Lisa says. Mo’s kind of a perv.

Adrienne’s having a spa day at the spa she built in her house (what, you don’t have one in your house?). She’s got a spray tanner in there! Bernie’s got a feast of sweets whipped up for the occasion. Edible gold dust, ftw. Dane, Lisa, Kyle, Taylor, Camille, and some random chick Wendy are all there. Kim shows up last as usual.

Kyle’s getting some weird treatment done on her forehead with a $40,000 machine while the rest of the now robed crew gets mani/pedis. Kim suggests her and Kyle sneak down to the giant trampoline and they bounce around in their robes. Kim does a flip- kinda impressive actually. Meanwhile, Brandi and her crutches shows up, luckily there’s an elevator for her to take to the in-house spa. Here comes the drama….

Brandi does some treatments where she doesn’t have to talk to anyone on purpose. Smart move. While Camille spray tans, Adrienne tells Brandi to talk to the other other ladies. Kyle says that Brandi needs to apologize. Brandi is reluctant to. Kim doesn’t even want to hear it, Kyle is willing to hear her out. So much drama over nothing basically.

Kyle walks out to talk to Brandi. They kind of settle things. Not going to be friends but at least be civil. Can’t say that much about Kim. Now Brandi is breaking down crying in a bedroom and leaving the spa party.

Pool party at Kyle’s house, Mauricio and the kids are having a swim. Opportunity for Bravo to show a shirtless Mauricio? yep. Why would there even be a camera crew at their house if Kyle’s not home?

What happened to the random chick Wendy? Kim is pissed that Kyle went out to talk to Brandi. Kyle admits they were not totally innocent at the game night, Kim sort of thinks they were. Uhmm no, Kim. Kim calls Brandi’s tears an act, even though she didn’t see it. No actually Kim, she’s a model, you’re the actor. Anyway Brandi limps out….

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