Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: S02E10: Your Face or Mine?

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It’s Paul’s Night of Beauty, whatever the hell that is. All the girls are invited to try out some new minor plastic surgery type treatments. Hey that’s what I did on my Friday night too! Kyle’s doing some sort of love handle treatment which looks like a laser light show on her belly. Taylor’s got some sort of numbing cream on her face and she’s getting filler in her cheeks. Lisa (smartly!) is not doing anything on her face since she deals with the public.

We see Kim in her car leaving and you can be pretty sure she’s late as usual. She wants something done but is not sure what; Paul suggests some lip injections or whatever.

Camille isn’t coming because Kelsey Grammar just asked for full custody of the kids, so she’s very upset. Lisa gets an email from Russell saying that the stories in the tabloids are wrong, his relationship with Taylor is great and business is up 900%. Uhm yes, no, and no. Lisa is confused why he sent it, he thinks she leaked to the tabloids.

Kim finally shows up. She’s not telling anyone where she’s moving to, especially not Kyle. Which makes no sense, what are they going to step in front of the moving truck and stop you? Kyle’s having a seance at her house tonight- WTF? and Kim is the only one not coming. She says it’s against her religion. Sounds like an excuse to me.

Kim tells Paul the three medications she’s on and he says the combination is making her slur her words and appear drunk. That doesn’t stop Paul from putting the injections in her face as Adrienne ribs him on to stop the whole time.

Kyle calls Brandi; I guess Brandi wasn’t invited to Paul’s Night of Beauty but she’ll be at the seance. Taylor comes over to Kyle’s house and is upset that Lisa thinks she has no friends. Taylor is kind of scared of Lisa.

Seance time and Rebecca the clairvoyant is taking some magnetic energy readings in Kyle’s house. Chef Bernie is cooking up a meal, what’s he doing at Kyle’s house? Look there’s Faye Resnick who always seems to bring trouble with her. Camille brings some random named Elizabeth. Last time they had a psychic was the crazy meal at Camille’s house with the electronic cigarette smoking psychic. Hopefully this one will go just as disasterfully as that one.

The psychic starts up about Adrienne’s father. Adrienne gets a little choked up. The psychic tells Brandi she’s going to have another child soon, which I doubt since her husband is banging Shania Twain these days. She says Lisa’s grandmother is trying to talk to them. Then she says Taylor’s relationship with her husband is light and dark. The psychic tells Kyle that in another lifetime she was Kim’s mom, which is weird because Kim always tells Kyle “you’re not my mom”. I get the feeling that the psychic just Googled these ladies before the ‘reading’. Seance night ends without any drama, thankfully for them, unfortunately for us viewers at home.

Kyle comes over to Kim’s house. Kim’s going to reveal the big secret to her. She tells her she’s been seeing someone for a year. Kyle looks shocked and pissed. Why was she hiding him if she was so in love with him and happy and ready to move in with him? Kim says he’s here, why don’t you meet him now…….and we’re done till next week.

Well Kim’s irrational behavior all season has been somewhat explained this episode- she’s been seeing someone secretly and she’s on a lot of meds. Of course there’s also the fact that under all that she’s batshit crazy. And we miss $25000 sunglasses Dana this episode; where was she?

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