Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: S02E11: Tempest in a Tea Party

After last week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cliffhanger, Kyle is going into Kim’s house to meet her boyfriend Ken that Kim’s been secretly dating for a year… and Beto the handyman. Kyle notices “promise” rings on their fingers. Ken thinks it went well but Kyle is crying in the bathroom.

Adrienne’s out with Paul at a Asian cuisine restaurant, private room, notch. It’s Paul’s birthday. Adrienne and Paul are fighting over Paul’s tendency to return food. Paul wants crab out of a shell. Adrienne looks pissed off the whole dinner.

Adrienne is worried about Taylor and how she breaks down every time she sees her. Adrienne thinks Taylor’s husband might be getting physical with Taylor.

Mauricio is home with Kyle as she spills the beans about the Kim/Ken relationship. Kyle’s a bit distraught over this. Mauricio’s in disbelief. Kyle thinks this relationship is just convenient for her and she’s settling.

It’s the Women Making Difference award dinner. Taylor’s getting an award; Russell is there to support her. Camille is happy to attend. Adrienne and a bunch of other blondes are all there to support her too.

Lisa’s calling Kyle as Kyle walks around the award dinner looking for everyone. But oopsie, Lisa wasn’t invited. Awkward.

$25000 sunglasses Dana is there. Kyle admits her little faux pas reveal to Lisa. Taylor still thinks Lisa leaked that story to the press and that Lisa doesn’t like her. Bravo flashbacks reveal she’s mildly delusional on this front.

Lisa’s having a tea party and she’s inviting Taylor along with everyone else. The spread of pastries is pretty elaborate. Impressive Lisa. Russell sent around an email about an article saying Taylor is only eating diet pills these days. Lisa says at least she’s eating something. All the ladies are shocked that Kim’s been dating someone for a year without telling them. Of course she’s not coming.

Lisa flat out confronts her about not being invited to the award ceremony. Taylor says that Lisa had told her they are not friends. Lisa says why would I invite you to live in my house with your daughter then? She did?! Lisa invited Taylor to live with her? That would make a great reality show odd couple. Taylor just goes off on Lisa, she’s having another near breakdown over the fact that Lisa’s not her friend.

There it is, now she’s going into full breakdown mode. She’s going through so much and Lisa is being mean to her wah wah wah wah. Lisa apologizes for being mean as Taylor breaks further down. Taylor says Lisa makes her feel ugly about herself (nope that’s all the plastic surgery that makes you look so bad, Taylor). None of the other girls are jumping in. Smart.

Finally Camille brings up the fact that Russell’s hitting her…..and we have to wait till next week to see how that convo goes.

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