Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: S02E12: The Great Divide

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are still at Lisa’s tea party after Camille starts spouting out that Russell is beating Taylor. She’s shocked that Camille is spilling all this in public. Camille storms off, saying Taylor’s not being honest with everyone. Lisa and Taylor seem to make up or something.

Kim is now moved in with Ken, and still milking that same interview with the crazy silk scarf tie thing that they’ve been using all season. Kim and Ken are setting up some things in the new house.

Kyle’s at home with her daughter as Faye Resnick shows up with a giant vase and some fabric. Kyle’s still upset and confused about the tea party and the whole Taylor thing. Mauricio walks in and gives Faye a double kiss greeting, which is more than Kyle got from him. Faye drops some solid advice about what Kyle should do for Taylor- just be her friend. No idea if she gave her any decorating advice, but that probably doesn’t make for as good television.

Pandora’s showing Lisa her bridesmaid dresses and invites Lisa to her bachelorette party in Las Vegas. Lisa’s all hell to the no, I ain’t hanging around with a bunch of 25 year olds.

Camille, Kyle and Adrienne are out to lunch. They’re still talking about the Taylor incident. Camille wants to help but Taylor’s not returning her calls. Adrienne says we should leave this ot the professionals.

Now we’re at some bison ranch? O. M. G. Kennedy’s birthday party. Taylor’s gone huge- again. They’re all dressed up like cowgirls and the theme is county fair. Petting zoo, bouncing houses, pony rides, mechanical bull, trackless train. She’s got 250 people coming. $25000 sunglasses Dana strolls in, she’s working a bit to set up the entertainment.

Uh oh- they don’t have any children’s tables to go with the 70 children’s chairs. One call to the company and they’re found on another truck and we’re good to go. Kyle’s family shows up, cowboy hats and all. Ace Young from American Idol is there; that’s Dana’s gift to Kennedy. I think Ace Young is flirting with Taylor. hmmmm.

Speaking of parties, Lisa’s got 187 people on the wedding list for Pandora. That’s not that big actually. Uh oh, crazy Asian wedding planner is in the house. His idea for an invitation is a giant scroll at $115 per invitation, or a $150 gift box sized invite. Pandora loves the box. Based on her name, how could she not? What’s the postage rate on that thing? You probably need like 35 love stamps. Cause you know she’s getting the “love” stamps.

Kim shows up! Wow, she never makes it out to these things. No cowboy hat for Kim. Kyle rides the mechanical bull, awkwardly. Kim rides the mechanical bull next and she’s pretty solid on it, hanging on for quite a while. There’s Brandi, limping but no crutches. Taylor tells Kyle she’s pissed as hell at Camille for blurting out that crap about Russell beating her at he tea party.

The Maloof’s are there; cowboy hats for the kids and Adrienne, not Paul thanks. Adrienne is upset that Lisa’s throwing Pandora’s bachelorette party at a competing Las Vegas hotel, not the Palms which they own.

Brandi and Kim are staring each other down. They’re still beefing ever since game night and totally ignoring each other at spa day. Kim’s cold to her as Brandi says hi. And by cold we mean acting like a 7 year old and totally acting like she’s not there even though she’s 2 feet away.

More drama as Russell says don’t start the band and the cake yet, I’ve got a huge gift horse that’s not coming till an hour later. Paul attempting to mount the mechanical bull unsuccessfully is hysterical. Ace Young sings a song for Kennedy. After last year’s dog gift disaster, perhaps giving Kennedy a horse might not be the best idea. But she seems happy about it.

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