Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: S02E13: Adrienne’s Fashion Show

Pandoras invites have arrived for lisa to see. O. M. G. they went with the giant box invites at $150 each. Creepy wedding planner Kevin Lee is proud. He looks much less like Yoko Ono this week than he has in the past. Kevin’s got his caterer there to demonstrate. They are making a custom cocktail with liquid nitrogen to make a frozen vodka concoction. It’s way over the top for Lisa, but Pandora seems to like the idea.

Adrienne’s been working on a shoe line. She’s meeting with her team and picking out some shoes she likes. She’s got a benefit fashion show coming up. Adrienne seems pretty jazzed about the shoe line.

Taylor and Russell are meeting with a marriage therapist. Russell cuts it short so he can go to a meeting.

Kevin Lee’s caterer is dishing out all the potential foods for the wedding for Lisa, Ken and Pandora to taste. Oh and Giggy who is sitting in Lisa’s lap as she eats over his head- so nasty. Pandora is worried that Lisa’s fellow Real Housewives are going to cause a huge dramatic scene at the wedding. That’s probably true.

Kyle time. She’s meeting Brandi and Taylor for manicures except Taylor has bailed leaving just Kyle and Brandi. They seem to get along nicely. Brandi has an idea, she wants to have the girls over to her friends house in Malibu, watch the sunset and have a pornstar demonstrate BJ techniques to everyone. Uhhmm not the best idea. Kyle says no.

Workers are at Adrienne’s house setting up for the backyard fashion show and she’s getting nervous that it’s not going to be ready in time. It all comes together and guests start arriving at the party.

Adrienne confronts Lisa about Lisa having Pandora’s bachelorette party at a competing Vegas hotel. I don’t really get why she’s so upset that Lisa didn’t ask her for a favor.

Adrienne gets onstage, gives a nice little speech about the charity and it’s time for the catwalk fashion show. Unfortunately all the dresses are super long and you can’t see the shoes Adrienne helped design.

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