Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: S02E14: Malibu Beach Party from Hell

Get pumped for Lisa Vanderpump. Wedding planner/strange human Kevin Lee is setting up a few tables on her tennis court so she can pick one out for Pandora’s wedding. She’s impressed with his work but not his budget.

Mauricio’s Mom and Kyle are in to see Dr. Paul for some work on the mom. It’s her final checkup after her surgery six weeks ago. Dr. Paul is recommending more work. Kyle’s like, not my thing.

Brandi is meeting Adrienne for lunch- no crutches today. They’re both wearing an obnoxious amount of makeup for lunch. Brandi suggests a wine tasting/belly dancer party up at her friend’s place in Malibu.

Kyle’s at her house, having people over and the theme is Mexican food since it’s Cinco de Mayo. She’s got a huge catering spread in the yard and an insane amount of liquor. She makes Mauricio change his outfit (which looked fine to me) as she fusses over this and that. This will be the first time the family sees Mauricio’s mom since her facelift. She scares the kids but overall it goes over well.

Ken and Lisa (and Giggy, notch) are checking out the expansion of their restaurant into the next door space. It’s looking decent, but she has some issues with the bathroom door being straight in line with the front door.

One of Adrienne’s shoe line shoes have come in. She’s heading out to Malibu for brandi’s party. There’s Kim! Brandi invited her but I don’t think she’s going ot go, since their fight at Game Night.

Camille and her gang of friends get in the limo to head up to the ‘bu. Kyle’s on her way too with Taylor. Taylor refers to her as “backup”. She’s still pissed at Camille because Camille said that Russell was beating her, which he was. Apparently Taylor is ignoring her texts now and doesn’t want to make up. Well they’re both going to the party, we’ll see how that works out. Guests start arriving at the place.

The wine is flowing, they are right on the ocean, great view. Food looks great too. Adrienne calls it “tastefully done”. Brandi’s friend will be giving belly dancing lessons later. Kyle and Taylor show up last. Camille and Taylor hug it out as a greeting, but Taylor thinks it’s fake.

Everyone’s taking notice of Brandi’s no bra look in a white dress. Apparently it’s a bit cold in there. The ladies all get belly dancing bells and start shaking along with the pro. Kyle does an impressive full split. Brandi is bothered by Kyle dancing crazy and being the center of attention the whole time. Also Kyle laser pointing at her boobs.

Taylor and Camille are talking about each other from like 2 feet away. Camille’s friend tries to step in and settle this but Taylor is still upset at Camille for bringing up the issues. Taylor starts going off on Camille’s friend and Camille for trying to talk to her. She’s yelling over nothing and things are getting heated. Adrienne is yelling at Taylor that she has to talk to her. Kyle moves Taylor away from the balcony railing. Some random chick starts telling her the ocean is big and life is short and this makes Taylor super pissed. Who the hell knows what she’s even pissed about.

Brandi asks Taylor to leave. Taylor say F you Brandi. Now Kyle’s getting pissed because Brandi touched her. Kyle and Taylor take off. Camille’s friend is crying in the bathroom. Crazy party Brandi. Aaaand everyone else leaves too. Party was a total drama disaster. Now Brandi’s crying because her party ended so bad. Taylor lights up a cigarette in the limo home. What a wacko. Poor Kyle, has to ride all the way home with that crying trainwreck.

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