Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: S02E15: A Book, A Bachelorette, and a Breakdown

Lisa and Taylor are out to eat, Taylor is recapping the disaster at Brandi’s house. Taylor says she had so much to drink she doesn’t even remember everything that happened. Since Kyle can’t make it to Vegas for the bachelorette party, Pandora invited Taylor. That can’t go over well.

Camille is drinking again with DD and there’s Brandi. THey are all shocked and disappointed at Taylor’s behavior. They’re all going to Vegas too, but at the Palms for a girls weekend courtesy of Adrienne.

Adrienne and Paul will be on a talk show called The Doctors. They bicker in the house and the whole way there in the car.

Now Kyle is chandelier shopping with Faye Resnick. She’s got a photoshoot planned for the cover of her book. Faye breaks a $750 chandelier in the store. Always trouble that Faye Resnick.

Cut to Vegas and Adrienne’s at the Palms with her brother.

Back to BH and Pandora and Lisa are wedding dress shopping. Oh Giggy there’s too, of course.

Camille, DD and Adrienne are in Vegas. There’s Brandi and $25,000 sunglasses Dana. Kim gets on the phone and has a crazy made up excuse about pulling her neck trying to move a table in her house. Whatever Kim.

On the other side of town, Lisa, Taylor, Pandora and her friends are at Planet Hollywood for the bachelorette party. They’re in a pimping suite.

Kyle’s doing the photoshoot for her book cover. The book will cover “all her passions”. She calls Kim from her closet; Kim’s voicemail says she’s lost all contacts, leave her your information, but she doesn’t check voicemail. Kim, you’re not even in this episode yet and you’re already a trainwreck. Glamour shots of Kyle all around the house are taken. Very nice.

Lisa and the bachelorette party are at the Strip House for dinner. Dinner done, they’re off in the limo. And arrive at Chippendales. Taylor’s going nuts screaming at the dancers. They bring Pandora, Lisa and Taylor up on stage.

Adreinne’s got the girls in an even pimpier suite; there’s a bowling alley in the room. Uh oh, Dana’s got a 125 carat necklace lollipop holder that she brags is worth $1 million. Brandie’s bowling in her foot cast. And off to the club they go, Camille and Brandi are grinding up on each other, Brandi’s grabbing some ass there. Hmmm.

Kyle’s at her sister Kathy Hilton’s consignment shop with her plastic surgery enhanced mother in law and her kids. She runs into Kim randomly outside the store. Estella asks Kim where she’s moving to, Kim says “not far”. WTF, why can’t you just say what town you’re going to? Kim’s a mess, her kids are unhappy with Ken. Kim’s not eating, she’s bawling at Kyle about how she’s going to lose her kids and how she is happy. Train. Wreck.

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