Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: S02E16: Uninvited

Adrienne’s coming in to talk to Paul, not helping him with his printer problems but telling him about how Russell sent Camilla a threatening email saying he is going to sue her. That’s going to be awkward since they’re all supposed to go to Hawaii together.

Now Lisa’s go super weird wedding planner Kevin Lee over to show off the 20 piece band he’s got picked out for them. Pandora and Lisa seem into the band, he’s singing in Spanish.

Party planner Glenn is helping to plan Kyle’s white party. She’s very last minute, 2 hours before and nothing’s set up. 200 people are due to show up. Kim’s going to show up with her boyfriend Ken, which could get a bit weird. Adrienne calls Kyle to give her the heads up on the Russell threatening to sue situation. Things might get even weirder then.

Kim’s having lunch with her daughters and they notice the “promise ring” on her ring finger. They are not happy about Ken, really. The white party is going to be the first time that everyone really meets Ken.

Kyle’s white party is now almost all set up and now the white clad guests start arriving. Brandi’s there. Lisa’s there and she thinks that Kyle should uninvited Taylor from the party to avoid the weirdness. They’re afraid they’re going to get sued by Russell too.

Kim shows up with Ken and introduces him all around. There’s $25,000 sunglasses Dana, no sunglasses. Kim starts in with Brandi, again, saying Brandi is glancing over at her. Very rational, Kim, very rational. Now they start going off on one another, well mostly Kim going off on Brandi for no reason.

Russell and Taylor not heir way in the limo; Russell says he’s going to drink the whole bottle of vodka. The girls at the party don’t know if Taylor knows about Russell’s threatening letter. Kyle’s getting super upset. The limo pulls up and Taylor and Russell start strolling up, Kyle comes out to meet them and confronts them about the email Russell sent. She says everyone is scared of getting sued now and they should go. That does not go well.

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