Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: S02E17: Leis and Lies in Lanai

After Taylor was kicked out of the party crying with Russell, Lisa is relieved. Kyle isn’t happy but she can’t have friends who are suing other friends in the same party. Russell still thinks he did the right thing by threatening to sue via email…Taylor disagrees but she’s not really saying anything to him about it.

Back to the white party and burgers are served, a mariachi band plays and Kyle whips her tears away and dances with Mauricio. Ken and Kim are dancing and making out in front of everyone.

There’s a Hawaii trip planned and Lisa’s packing with Ken; unfortunately (or fortunately) Giggy can’t come. That doesn’t stop them from putting a mini-Hawaiian shirt on the dog though.

Topless Mauricio alert! Kyle’s getting ready to go too and she says that Kim and her man Ken are coming along too. Overhead airport stock footage and that means off we go to Lanai. There’s Lisa, there’s Brandi, there’s Camille. Taylor’s not coming, thankfully. 45 minutes before departure and Kim’s nowhere to be found, of course. Typical Kim. She has an expired drivers license and is looking for her passport now… it’s not looking good, she’s a wreck. There’s a later flight, if she can find her passport. Brandi looks smug that Kim might not make it all.

Taylor’s in with her psychiatrist again. She’s pissed that everyone said she can’t go to Hawaii thanks to Russell’s email. She said she got home and read the email he sent and she’s pissed off because he was so threatening to her friends.

We’re not midway into the extended promo for Hawaian Air…err trip for the ladies. The champagne is flowing on the plane and Kyle calls Kim and she says she’s on the next flight at 6pm. Kim sounds like she’s a wreck on the phone. Paul’s going to be on the same flight since he had business- sucks for him.

They land in Hawaii and have to switch to a private plane for the flight to Lanai. It’s a prop plane that looks 50 years old, at least. At least the views are great. Brandi says if she could roofie herself, she would. On the ground, Brandi’s mouth is getting a workout on the bus to the hotel. At least Camille finds her funny, the others- not so much.

Everyone in their rooms and now it’s time for “sunset cocktails”. Brandi says she had a Xanax earlier and now she’s drinking and feeling fine. She’s all over Ken for some reason.

Next day and Paul shows up, but where’s Kim? Oh he says Kim was on the flight. And she disappeared in the restroom during the layover in Honolulu while Paul jumped on an earlier flight. Brandi and Camille are tanning and the guy with the best job in the world comes over to give their bodies’ an aerosol spray of Evian water. Lisa and Ken come over to hate/admire on Brandi’s body.

Everyone heads down to the beach now. Except Kim, of course. Oh and Taylor who gives them a call to say her marriage is over. Shocker! She kicked Russell out.

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