Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: S02E18: A Day Late, An Apology Short

Round two in Lanai and Paul and Adrienne are hiking on a rocky beach. But where’s Kim? Oh there she is… alooooha. Late, missed her plane, late what else is new. Shirtless Mauricio alert!

Kyle hears her arriving through the wall next door. It’s shirtless Mauricio’s birthday and Kyle only wants to listen in on Kim through the wall. Well Kim’s having an exciting conversation about ducks, so she’s not hearing much.

Ken and LIsa Vanderpump getting primped for Mauricio’s birthday dinner. There’s the guest of honor knocking on her door. Now everyone’s out on the beach and a fire holding, conch blowing Hawaiian man brings them to their private luau. Arriving late is… who else… Kim. At least she made it, boyfriend in tow.

She throws in yet another excuse why she was late saying Ken had to work. Not making it easier on everyone Kim since you already told them about your license. Mauricio questions them on the Ken working thing. Poor Ken having to defend himself in Kim’s lie. Kyle calls it as bullshit, which it is.

They’re all talking about Taylor leaving Russell. Kim is yawning. The food looks incredible at least. Mauricio makes a weird passive aggressive toast to “the truth”.

Next day, they’ve got a catamaran chartered and are all in the van waiting for… Kim and Ken. They’re 20 minutes late. Kyle and Lisa jump over her balcony to Kim’s and look into her room. Ken makes an excuse about not hearing their alarm clock. Ten more minutes she needs. Everyone gets in the van leaves without her.

Now Kim and Ken finally get down there and have to take a separate car to the boat. Too bad the boat already left. It’s within site of the dock as she pulls in- that sucks for her. Her own fault though. Everyone’s having fun on the boat, snorkeling, suntanning, jumping in the water. Lisa is obsessed with Brandi’s ass as she flirts with the boat captain in a micro-bikini.

Kim and Ken are sitting poolside having weird conversations about his red eye and how they felt attacked at the birthday dinner.

Back in Hollywood, Taylor is ringing $25000 sunglasses Dana’s doorbell. Taylor says she left Russell, she tried everything but it just was time. She’s still really upset about it.

Back in Hawaii, everyone’s at a dinner thing, even Kim and Ken. Kim says missing the boat was ok, everything happens for a reason. Paul and Adrienne are telling Kim how much they like Ken and he’s a nice guy; then he comes over and confronts them saying he was getting a bad vibe from afar. He’s just as crazy as she is. If she says “everything happens for a reason” one more time, I’m going to shoot my TV.

Kyle calls Kim out on the flight again. Kim tries to brush over it. Ken says “we don’t care”. Kim leaves the dinner table.

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