Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: S02E19: Night of a Thousand Surprises

Farrah and Portia, Kyle’s daughters are helping her get ready for opening of Lisa’s new lounge. This will be the first time Kyle sees Kim since the Hawaii blow up.

Lisa is getting Sur ready for the big opening. Two hours before and ladders are still up and construction workers are everywhere.

Kim got a hotel in town to be closer to the party so they wouldn’t have to make the “long” drive after. Kim’s getting made up by a makeup artist while she bosses Ken around having him get various things for her.

Sur is ready and apparently SUR stands for Sexy Unique Restaurant. Guest start arriving..there’s Mohamed and his inappropriately young girlfriend. Brandi’s there in a sleek red dress and giant heels. Adrienne’s limo rolls up, followed by her chef Bernie on foot. One of the waitresses was sleeping with Brandi’s husband before he left her for Leann Rimes. Lisa sends the waitress home to avoid a situation.

There’s Camille with a bunch of friends. Kyle and Mauricio and kids strolling in, everyone’s coming in big stretch limos tonight. Kim is taking forever to get ready in the hotel and it’s pissing off Ken, rightfully so. RePaul is at the party, apparently he’s Adrienne’s friend.

Cedric, LIsa’s former houseguest has shown up for some reason. Lisa kicks him out.

Taylor’s not at the party, she’s home with her psychologist who is giving her some advice on raising her daughter.

Back at the party, Paul’s ex-girlfriend is there, Adrienne is ok with that. Kim is finally in the limo on her way over to the party with Ken. She looks blitzed already. Wait is Taylor taking her doctor to the party? They’re both in the limo. Weird.. is that legal/ethical/smart? Kim finally arrives at the party. As soon as Kyle sees her, she starts crying again. Lisa settles her down and back to the party.

Kim tells Adrienne that she’s moving out. She seems out of it and tells Adrienne her balance is off. Adrienne begs Kyle to go talk to her. Kim pulls Kyle aside and she tells her that it’s not working out with Ken. Kyle goes off on her saying she wants her to be happy and she always apologizes but Kim never apologizes back to her. Kim says she’s really late with her period- like 3 months late. She’s too scared to take a pregnancy test.

And there’s Taylor.. and her doctor. Taylor has a giant bruise under her eye, and she wants to talk about it. She says she’s been acting out of the last few months because her relationship was going south. Her doctor begs the other ladies to quiet down about the lawsuit for a minute and let her tell her side of the story. She says Russell hit her. Taylor apologizes to everyone and says she wants to repair her friendships with all of the ladies.

Kim has locked herself in the bathroom again. She tells Ken to go away when he asks if she’s ok. I don’ think she’s ok.

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