Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: S02E20: The Real Wedding of Beverly Hills

It’s 1 day until Pandora’s wedding and the tent is up in Lisa’s back yard. It looks pretty elegant, lots of draped fabric and hanging flowers. Air conditioning for the tent is coming tomorrow.

Adrienne is at the colonoscopy that Paul’s getting done. Ugh. And they give him an enema to do in the bathroom himself first. He requests Adrienne’s help and she says hell to the no and walks out on that, back to the waiting room. Smart girl. They knock him out, probe him up and there’s no problems. Paul gets to release all the air they put in his colon. Well Adrienne was enjoying the valium’ed up Paul until that point. He’s just ripping fart after fart.

Getting closer to the wedding and all the decorators are getting everything in place. There’s the huge cake, which came in two parts. The cake alone costs $9500.

Kyle and Mauricio are getting ready for the wedding. Uh oh, Mauricio doesn’t have a tux (really?) and it’s black tie. He’ll have to find something in his closet.

Lisa is getting anxious that everything won’t be ready for the event. But where’s Kevin Lee bizarro wedding planner?

Camille is back on the show and what else is new, she’s got a friend over- Elizabeth to help her pick out a dress for the wedding. Apparently she’s been dating some gentleman name Dimitri. He’s a younger man. Raoarrr.

There’s Kevin Lee, strutting in white pants and Yoko glasses, overseeing the decorating. There’s Pandora and her bridesmaids. They only have makeup artist for all the ladies… oh wait she has a twin sister, identically dressed to help… oh wait there’s a third, they are triplet makeup artists. Wow, impressive Vanderpump.

In comes her son and Lisa demands he cuts his hair on the spot. Which he does.

Oh geese, Ken and Lisa are picking out an outfit for GIggy. It’s a doggie tux, notch. Ken doesn’t have his speech ready yet, it’s one hour before. Get with it Ken. Finishing touches are being put on the decorations and makeup. Lisa has on a tiara, as per Pandora’s wish. Here comes Pandora walking down the stairs in her $6000 gown. She looks great.

Everyone’s seated and the wedding starts. Bravo blurring out the priest for some reason. Hmm.. Lisa walks down the aisle. Then the flower girls and Ken walking Pandora down the aisle. Very beautiful.

Now the party starts.. oh there’s LaToya Jackson dancing. Adrienne and Paul dancing the whole time, Paul obviously feeling a bit lighter on his feet after the ass blasting. Ken’s speech goes pretty well. Nice wedding.

3 weeks later and Kyle’s having people over. She’s got a staff of chefs making food for all the ladies coming over. It’s after Russell died, the girls haven’t seen Taylor a lot. Kim’s not coming… surprise!!! Was she at the wedding? Hmmm. Was she even invited? Everyone asks how Taylor is doing and her daughter too. They all seem to be getting along in the end here, except maybe Kim who is MIA.

Season over! And I’m emotionally exhausted from these ladies. Oh the drama. I need a break.

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