Real Housewives of New Jersey: S03E12: Auld Lang Syne for an Eye

Finally we’re passed Christmas on the Real Housewives of New Jersey and it’s even New Years now and Caroline is talking about resolutions on her radio show. Melissa is listening in from her car. Melissa reaches out to Teresa and invites her and the kids over; big move on your end. Teresa’s being a total bitch in her interview about the fact that Melissa went to Kathy’s house AFTER Teresa’s party. Let it go, girl.

Jacqueline is still upset at Ashley’s attitude. They show her artwork and her drawings are actually pretty good; her grandfather tells her to pursue it. Ashley says she doesn’t like deadlines. Step into the real world Ashley with the rest of the human race.

Caroline invites Kathy, Rich and her kids to her event at the Brownstone despite Teresa’s beef with them. This isn’t going to turn out well.

Lauren Manzo is working on her makeup career and she’s having Ashley design a t-shirt for her event. Ashley didn’t do the sketches Lauren asked for and she asks her to redo them. Ashley says that when she’s a real artist she’s working for herself and not clients and she’ll do what she likes (might want to research that career juuuust a little bit Ashley).

Milania is making Teresa late for her playmate. Melissa’s got a huge blow up bouncer inside the house waiting for them. It’s a madhouse as soon as the Giudice kids come over- they’re bouncing off the walls and not just in the blow-up bouncer- they are literally bouncing off the walls. Melissa and Teresa talk it out a bit and Melissa shows off the basement recording studio.

This party at the Browstone is a New Years Eve party and everyone’s getting ready. Party time! Party time! Albie and Chris have an impressive amount of insults for their mom’s hair. Teresa thinks her book influenced Kathy to pursue cooking (could you possibly be any more self-centered Teresa? The world doesn’t revolve around you, it revolves around Ashley). Joe Gorga is pouring drinks, no surprise there.

Super roommate Greg spotting! Some older dude is dancing with 16 year old Victoria (Rich and Kathy’s kid) and Rich sends the dude packing with minimal drama. Where’s Billy Joel’s daughter? Melissa’s trying to get Teresa to make up with Kathy but Teresa’s having none of it. Caroline tells her to take the step and do it before you run out of opportunities. Countdown to midnight on New Years and it’s Happy New Years all around (except for between Teresa and Kathy).

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