Real Housewives of New Jersey: S03E13: Child’s Play No More

Continuing the never-ending winter on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, there’s a big dinner at eh Giudice household as a photographer tries to get some photos for her new cookbook and chaos reigns with the kids. The photographers have had enough, they need to take a break. Gia’s had enough, she’s clearly learned the eye rolling move from her mom.

Kathy and Rich are stressing over daughter Victoria’s getting into dating age. Kathy’s ready to have “the talk” with her. Her bedrooms is strangely covered in huge photos of herself.

Christopher is bartending at the Wicked Wolf in Hoboken as Ashley and Jacqueline and Chirs come in to visit. Super roommate Greg!!! Greg!!! Lauren calls Ashley lazy and with no ambition. They surprise Ashley by bringing in her father who has a wicked scar across the whole back of his head. Jacqueline is calling this an intervention with Ashley of sorts.

Melissa is digging at Teresa saying she wasn’t happy enough for her when Melissa showed her the recording studio in the basement and told her about her singing ambitions. She says Teresa’s just cooking for the money with the cookbooks.

Caroline’s cleaning out her closet of the clothes that used to fit her when she was heavier. Lauren is upset about her own weight. Caroline reassures her. Carolin’e so nice.

Ashley’s enjoying spending time with her Dad while he’s in town. She mentions that she’s thinking about moving to California. It seems like her goal is to move as far away from her parents as possible. She’ll never make it on her own- I give her two weeks, tops.

Kathy is taking Victoria junior prom dress shopping. Kathy’s giving her “the talk” right there in the dress store.

K-Mack and the Soul Diggaz come over to Melissa’s house to check out the basement recording studio. They hit record and she starts singing “On Display”. Joe Gorga is getting right in there with the producers giving his opinions and directions. She’s not bad actually, certainly better than most of the other housewives’s singing.

Jacqueline and Lauren are working out with a kickboxing trainer while Caroline mostly watches. Chris and Albie are working out with him too and Superroomate Greg is there too getting buff and giving support. Greg’s rocking too short shorts.

Ashley’s parents and stepparents are all gathered at a restaurant ready for the intervention. Apparently Ashley had asked her father to pay for her move to California. Ashley finally shows up and they ask what she wants to do with her life. She says she wants to got to Los Angeles and go to makeup school. Ashley is so spoiled. Her Dad mentions that she didn’t get anyone anything for Christmas. Ashley says she’s better than Jacqueline because she’s made it to 20 without having a kid. Jacqueline flat out yells at her in the restaurant for not helping out. Jacqueline tells her to get out of her house because she completely disrespects her and is completely ungrateful.

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