Real Housewives of New Jersey: S03E14: Belly Up and Up

The conversation with Ashley continues as she sits there texting and is chided to put it down so her Father can lecture her a bit more. Meanwhile Jacqueline has left the table and is crying in the corner. Her Dad says until she can pay her own bills she has to listen to what Chris and Jacqueline say since she’s living in their house.

Jacqueline is breaking down and Ashley just isn’t getting it.

Kathy is working on her catering business by having a tasting session at her house. “Zen” Jen, her energist comes over. She burns some sage while Rich pokes fun at her.

Ashley meets with Lauren about the t-shirt design work she was supposed to do a month ago. Lauren doesn’t believe she can do the design. She says if you weren’t my cousin I would have fired you.

Teresa and Joe are meeting with their lawyer since Joe’s ex-partner in the construction business is suing him. What ever happened with him making pizza anyway? Haven’t seen that since the first episode. Apparently Joe signed his partner’s name on a document and now he owes $260,000. Teresa is cleared of any charges. Teresa makes some sort of dig at her Jewish friends saying they would divorce him for that as the lawyer tells them that there’s no auction of their assets since Teresa basically bought them all personally as a separate entity than Joe (or something like that).

Kathy’s getting ready for the tasting session, arranging all her foods artfully with her catering assistants. Everyone’s over there for her Middle Eastern themed tasting- Jacqueline, Melissa, Lauren and Caroline, even Teresa shows up. As Kathy tells everyone about her catering ambition, Teresa tries to steal the spotlight by saying she’s opening up a restaurant with Joe and she’s going to be the hostess. Kathy says, nothing wrong with a fancy pizzeria.

Teresa starts in with Melissa over Kim “G” of all things before Kathy has to break it up with belly dancers.

Nicholas and CJ (Jacqueline’s kids) make a rare appearance as Ashley reveals that she is making plans to got to California to work and go to school. Ashley says it was all your idea to move to California anyway, which pisses Jacqueline off. Jacqueline says why don’t you just move out now? Chris tries to reason with her. Jacqueline and Chris want to give her two weeks to move out of the house. Chris tells her to call her friends and get out now……..

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