Real Housewives of New Jersey: S03E15: Black as Ink

After a week off RHONJ is back and the Manzo’s are heading put to Grandma’s old house which is now Chris and Albie’s office as Chris Laurita’s newest employees.

Albie’s got some big ideas for the business- a book about where to use the bathroom when traveling and a cell phone breathalyzer. Keep working at it Albie. Seriously, keep working at it. And maybe try Googling things to see if they already exist first too. Thx.

Kathy and Rich and their kids are getting ready for Richie’s surprise birthday party, which he knows about.

The Gorgas are driving without hats (thank goodness). Melissa’s still pissed at Teresa for getting all catty about her singing “career”.

Rosie’s here! It’s Rich’s party, belly dancers, Jacqueline and Chris, and Caroline, and hookahs are all there. Everyone’s partaking in the hookah- Joe Gorga’s getting baked off the tobacco somehow. Oh geez, Joe Gorga is lifting up his shirt and cavorting with the belly dancers. Looks like a freaking’ ball, fun times.

Teresa’s got some sort of multi-colored pimp fur coat that she’s trying on. Sounds like the girls are going to Punta Cana soon. Jacqueline says things are still a bit dicey with Ashley.

It’s the grand opening of Lauren Manzo’s beauty bar which is in a portion of local salon. Even Melissa is “wowed” by Teresa’s multi-color dream coat. Ashley who designed the shirt, finally shows up crazy late.

Teresa is food shopping with her girls. She cooks very healthy food, “not a lot of ingredientses”. Meanwhile her kids are climbing into the freezer cases at the supermarket. She calls and invites brother Joe to a book signing- better late than never he says.

The Soul Diggaz are back at Melissa’s home studio ready to make some music magic because she’s on display on display on display. It’s kinda catchy actually..on display on display on display.

Chris and the Manzo boys are having a business meeting for the New Star company with a client. They are looking to sell black colored water. Sounds like they’re going to be a PR type firm.

Joe Giudice is sending threatening text to Joe Gorga, telling him not to come to the book signing.

Teresa’s running late to her own book signing- fans are waiting to get their copies of Skinny Italian signed and she’s over 40 minutes late! After an hour the line clears and Kathy and Richie show up to support her- very classy- especially since Kathy and Teresa are in the middle of a big fight. No sign of the Gorga’s. As she’s packing up the hat-wearing duo finally shows up.

Joe buys 10 books and has Teresa sign one for him personally which brings her to tears. Joe’s still upset at Joe Giudice’s threatening texts and tells Teresa she better set him straight because he’s driving a wedge in-between them.

Back at home there seems to be like 100 people at Teresa’s house and Joe’s freakin’ wasted. Joe starts doing flips on the floor and he chipped one of his teeth to his daughter’s horror. Joe is totally trashed is totally trashing Joe Gorga. Teresa brings up the texting. Joe breaks out the phone and it looks pretty bad for Joe Giudice from what we see on the phone’s screen.

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