Real Housewives of New Jersey: S03E18: An Inconvenient Truce

We’re still in Punta Cana and Teresa is still pissed about something. Teresa’s ruining everyone’s vacation, nobody knows what to do. Well not Chris, Albie and Greg- they’re having a great time smoking cigars on the beach playing fake detective.

Now it looks like Teresa’s wasted, prancing around in her second bathing suit of the day. Bonfire time, that thing’s huge- it looks like a teepee.

Kathy’s had enough of T’s shit and calls it a night. Now it seems like the two Joe’s are getting along, joking around, measuring each other back to back. They both kinda look like pirates.

Argh naked shot of Joe Gorga- ugh. Nobody wants to see that. The men are going golfing and the ladies are going shopping. Joe Guidice is golfing in a tank top. Stay classy NJ.

The ladies (and Greg) look like they’re in a bad part of town, bars on the windows, disembodied cow heads on the ground outside. Teresa is handling raw chicken with her bare hands. Teresa’s doing research for her next cookbook, an Italian/Latin fusion.

Last night in the Dominican Republic and everyone out to dinner at a hibachi place. Melissa thinks Cairo is in Antarctica which is enough for the Manzo boys to crown her Miss Punta Cana for the trip. Teresa’s luggage finally shows up as they get ready to go.

Melissa’s getting ready for her first public performance of On Display. She’s checking out the club and it’s all to her specs when she casually mentions that Joe’s trying to get a pair of freaking’ tigers on stage. Tigers?!

Ready for the launch party now, Chris and Albie are promoting their BLK water and Melissa’s going to be on display, on display, on display. It’s a pretty decent performance, singing along to the prominent backing track; she’s got a pair of anchors behind her.

Teresa and Melissa sort of make up. We’ll see how long that lasts.

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