Real Housewives of New Jersey: S03E19: Portrait of an Italian Family

The seemingly never-ending season of RHONJ continues with Melissa getting ready for a picture with Teresa and the whole family to give to Teresa’s parents. Melissa is dressed like a rap video background dancer or something.

Jacqueline and Chris have company- Chris’ brother Jamie. Jamie’s the wild child of the family- with tattoos and all. Jacqueline wants him to talk to Ashley- they start by discussing tattoos; apparently Ashley got one while they were in Punta Cana. It’s a giant bird on her foot. Jamie gives her the talk- says what the hell are you going to do in California to change what your life is like….and she takes off crying. Chris says he wants to give her yet another chance.

Caroline’s got her radio show “Caroline Rules” and she’s loving it, taking calls and answering questions.

Richie and Kathy’s daughter is getting all made up for prom or something. Her date kinda looks like a mini-version of Richie. Richie is giving him shit.

The Gorga family photo is happening now at Teresa’s house and it seems like it’s going to be a nightmare to coordinate all those kids and adults who act like kids. It’s a total love-fest now, everyone’s finally happy and not fighting. They get some nice pictures actually.

Super roommate Greg appearance at the Manzo house! Lauren says that Teresa’s new cookbook has a dig at Caroline’s meatballs which are pan fried but Teresa says they are deep fried. Caroline says it’s traditional, Greg says “what’s your beef?” lol. The cookbook has a dig at Kathy too- saying she wishes she would stop making lame jokes about her. What does any of this have to do with a cookbook? I dunno. There’s a dig at Melissa in the book too saying she copies everything Teresa does.

At Teresa’s house we UGH see a topless Juicy Joe Giudice. Ugh. Seriously, nobody wants to see that…again. The cookbook is conveniently propped up on the counter for display. Jacqueline is there and she’s super stressed out by the Ashley situation.

The cookbooks says that Caroline is as Italian as the Olive Garden. Caroline is pissed. She says Caroline is 1/16th Italian. Don’t double-cross Caroline, especially in the introduction to your book. She bashes Chris’ stripper carwash idea which has about 0% to do with cooking. WTF Teresa? Don’t mess with Caroline’s family- they’re thick as thieves.

Teresa thinks she’s a humorist like Lucille Ball. But nobody thinks she’s funny and she’s pissed everyone off now. Well using her meat pounder as a hammer is pretty funny. And the season is done. Teresa really “stirred the pot” with this one. Buy the book I guess.

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