Survivor One World: Ep02 Total Dysfunction

Night 3 on Salani Tribe as they return from Tribal. The dudes claim they took care of their fire all night while they were gone for hours. Alicia is proud that she made Christina look like a crazy lier who wouldn’t shut up. They make up, but Alicia still doesn’t care for her.

Next morning and the ladies all try to hash out their differences and elect a leader- Sabrina. She goes ahead and starts assigning duties and telling them how to do everything. Nina is getting pissed off at the immaturity on her tribe.

Treemail, there’s a giant box marked “reward” saying they have to share it and bring it to a neutral location. It’s a DIY reward challenge right at camp. The reward is a tarp. They have to untie a giant rope. It’s woven like a lanyard. The guys untie their rope first and free the ring from the center and win reward! Both teams get to keep their ropes though.

The men are annoyed at the uber-gay Colton, claiming he does nothing and is fraternizing without he ladies too much. They compare him to Russell. He’s actually helping the women build their shelter! Dude, they’re the enemy. Sabrina is annoyed at him too, she wants him out of their tribe area. She gives him the boot so they can meet.

Later he comes back and calls his own meeting of all the women and starts crying to all them about how he has nobody. They give him the boot, again. He mopes off.

Late at night on the men’s sign and an underwear clad Tarzan is gyrating by the fire. Colton shows Troyzan and others the fact that he has an idol. Sushi chef Jonas calls him the new ringleader and ridiculously smart. The weaker players suddenly make an alliance with Colton and plans to vote out the stronger ones.

Challenge time, come on in guys. Jeff’s got some platforms set up in the ocean with long planks connecting them. Teams have to line up everyone on the balance beam and one by one have people move around while only touching one person at a time.

The men start with short man Lee moving around the others. The women are getting nowhere. The women are all falling in the water and inadvertently touching multiple people at once and having to start over and over. As the men get more and more guys off the platform, they spread out and make more and more room for each other. The men only have 2 dudes to go and the women only get their first across. The men DOMINATE and win immunity.

Back at camp, women have to figure out who will be going home. It could be Kat who made a dumb move at the challenge jumping into the water multiple times for no reason. Or it could be the oldest women there Nina. Nina and Monica start talking up the rest of the tribe about getting rid of Kat since she’s a weaker player.

Time for Tribal. Jeff calls it one of the absolute worst start in the game ever. It’s either Kat or Nina. Jeff reads the votes, and it’s Nina. Dumb tribe, tribe. Oh well, the rest of you will all be gone soon enough.

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