Survivor One World: Ep03 One World is Out the Window

The women are back from Tribal and Colton invites them over to his camp because there’s a huge storm coming. The wind picks up, rain is coming in to the ladies’ shelter. The men won a tarp last challenge, which the women could certainly use right about now. Miserable night for the Salani Tribe, up all night and now they have no fire thanks to the rains.

The women suck it up in the morning and ask to use their fire to warm up, which the men agree to let them do. Some of the guys aren’t happy about that.

Come on in guys, it’s Reward Challenge time. It’s a memory test. Jeff will be arranging items in order behind a curtain, teams have to duplicate the order before the other team does. Fishing gear is up for the winner. Sabrina vs. Matt; whomever drops the curtain and hides the objects quickly and she gets it right to take the early lead. Colton vs. Monica in round two, she gets it. The women are dominating so far. Six items on the block, Alicia vs. Jay, she gets it to put the ladies up 3-0. Kat vs. Troyzan with 8 items up, he drops the curtain immediately. Neither is getting it right and they are going round after round trying to remember it, 7 rounds before anyone remembers it correctly; 4 to 0 women. Bill vs. Christina, he needs to win to stay alive. She wins it and the women finally win something- fishing great reward. They get a canoe too!

Back at camp, they ask the men for a fire ember, the men want to take out their canoe in exchange, they say no. But the men are not happy about this. Meanwhile the women are falling apart at the seams, breaking down.

Morning, the sun is out and the women go out spearfishing in the canoe. They’re actually catching a few too. Things are looking up a bit for them. Troyzan is impressed with that.

Immunity Challenge time, come on in guys. Team members will be put into pairs, blindfolded and a caller will guide them through a series of obstacles. The men get out to the early lead, getting their puzzle piece bags quickly. The men get their fifth bag, women are only up to their 2nd. The men start to put the puzzle together. Only Bill, the caller, gets to put the puzzle together.

Bill starts putting the tree puzzle together as the women get their last bag and start to head back. Sabrina is making good time on the puzzle, quickly catching up to Bill, but he still has a lead. Suddenly they’ve tied it up with 7 pieces in and 3 pieces to go. And with a huge comeback the women win Immunity! Men, see you at Tribal for the first time.

Colton wants Bill gone since he screwed up the puzzle part of the challenge… and he keeps saying “bro”. The weaker players have all banded together and have the numbers. They want either Matt or Bill gone. Matt because he’s the strongest. They back Jay into a corner, saying are you with us or not. He has no choice. Matt comes over and everyone gets quiet. Awkward.

Colton reveals that he has the hidden Immunity Idol at Tribal but after the votes, he doesn’t play it. He does get one vote but Matt gets 5 and is the third person voted out of Survivor: One World. Matt, the tribe has spoken, it’s time for you to go. Too cocky, buddy. Game on.

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