Survivor One World: Ep04 Bum-Puzzled

The men’s tribe is back from Tribal, defeated but still scheming. They want Bill to go next, he’s smart and dangerous and charming. The women of Salani are doing just food foodwise, cracking little snails on the beach.

The men come over and propose that if the women let them use their net they will split half the catch. Jonas says I live in Hawaii I know how to work the net. The women are like hell to the no. Men are not happy about that.

Reward Challenge time! Teams have to slingshot coconuts at a massive grid wall, they have to knock out 5 panels in a row to win. Winner choose comfort (blankets), rain protection (a tarp) or luxury (donuts and food). Tarzan gets the men off to an early lead but the women quickly catch up to 1-1. The women knock out a few but not enough in a row. Both teams have 2 in a row, women get their third as the men miss badly. Women need just one more. The women dominate (again!) and win reward- they choose the tarps.

Back at Salani camp, the ladies celebrate their victory. The men try to justify it, saying they are still up by one person. Bill isn’t taking the women lightly. The dwarf guy tells Bill that his name was on the chopping block last time thanks to Colton- wooops, cat’s out of the bag now. Colton says he’s going to knock that munchkin back to Oz.

Colton’s playing god here; forcing Leif to tell him whether or not he spilled the beans to Bill. Colton is running the show here, he says Leif could be going next too. It’s Colton’s world, everyone’s just playing in it.

Treemail, almost time for the challenge and Alicia starts shit up just before. Oh well. Come on in guys, Immunity is back up for grabs. Survivors are tied up and have to race across a teeter-totter and bring puzzle pieces back then solve it.

Colton and Tarzan get the men off to an early lead. Alicia, who claimed she wasn’t stupid, is proving she is stupid by struggling with the easiest puzzle with Chelsea, while the men complete their second and move on to their third. Troyzan and Bill work on the third puzzle- a slide puzzle. Alicia even peeked at the men’s puzzle to see the answer and still can’t get it. Finally they do. The men get their third key and they just need to open the three lock and they raise the flag and win immunity!

Sabrina is trying to get rid of Alicia. Colton and Bill are getting in each other’s faces. Colton can’t stand him. Colton is telling everyone they should trade with the girls and give up Immunity and go to Tribal. This might be the dumbest move ever. Ever. Tarzan is pissed off as hell as Leif for betraying everyone. Bud didn’t Colton want Bill out. Jay is completely “bum-puzzled”.

At Tribal Council Jeff Probsts is shocked- shocked- shocked to see the men show up. What the hell? 24 seasons, Jeff has never seen a winning team show up. Jeff is dumbfounded. He calls it possibly the dumbest move in Survivor history. Colton starts saying how much he hates Bill for being poor and a struggling stand-up comedian. The whole thing devolves into a discussion on race and Tarzan starts going off about it. Well it’s time to vote. Surprisingly Bill starts getting all the votes and Bill is voted out.

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