Survivor One World: Ep05 A Bunch of Idiots

The men are back after last time’s shocking voluntary Tribal Council potential disaster. The women are glad the guys messed up and are pumped up for the challenge; they think they’ve just been handed a million dollars, and they might have been.

Time for the reward challenge and Jeff tells everyone to drop your buffs we’re switching tribes. It’s a random switch. Why are they doing this now? Who knows, but they do it. The blue tribe looks strong on both the men and women’s ends- Salani. No more men and women. Reward challenge time.

Teams of 4 have to carry a large bucket, fill it up, plug the holes while they carry the bucket back. WInner gets peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and coffee and the winner gets to stay at their existing beach; loser has to find a new camp.

Monica keeps falling as they carry their bucket full of water back. Colton and a bunch of girls do pretty decently but Salani has a bit of a lead. It all comes down to the final bucket, anyone could take it. Manono beats Salani back but they didn’t bring enough water and Salani wins reward!

Manono finds their new beach and they have to start from nothing. Colton is not happy about this. He joins in with the females on his Tribe. He’s scheming with Alicia.

Meanwhile Salani is living large, spearing giant crabs, eating peanut butter and jelly, and now they spot chickens and catch one! Troyzan caught it! And Kim is looking around for the hidden Immunity Idol… and she finds it!

Over at Manono they’ve snagged a chicken in a box trap too… but it escapes out of the side of the box. Colton convinces Alicia to take out Monica and Christina.

Immunity Challenge time. Immunity is back up for grabs. For today’s challenge 3 members of each tribe have to carry a ball through the water and then make a basketball style basket while the other tribe does anything to stop them.

It’s men vs. men in the first round and Salani dominates. Colton might as well have been sitting on the beach. Mixed group for the next round, with dwarf Leif trying to defined the much taller Michael, who misses five shots in a row before eventually getting Salani’s second point. All the women are out now for this round and Manono struggles and gets a point. Three on three men for this round now. They’ve got Colton on defense. Colton grabs the ball and won’t let go, takes a long shot before Salani gets the ball and takes like four uncontested shots in a row to win Immunity.

Now Alicia and Colton have to put their plan to get rid of Monica. They’ve got Christina and Monica convinced that they’re voting out Tarzan. Jonas doesn’t trust Lief after he betrayed everyone on the old tribe. Tarzan can’t remember anything, he might not even remember that he’s supposed to be voting for Monica. Heck, he doesn’t even know which one she is.

Tribal Council, and Probst is ready with the questions. He probes Tarzan on his impressive vocabulary. Which is weird since he can’t even remember all the names of everyone on his tribe- literally. Not even Jonas who he has been living with for fourteen days. Time to vote. Tarzan and Monica are getting the votes and the fifth person voted out of Survivor One World is… Monica. The tribe has spoken. She is blindsided and confused as hell.

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