Survivor One World: Ep06 Thanks for the Souvenir

Back at Manono, it’s night 14 and they’re happy with the elimination of Monica at the first Tribal with the new Tribe setup. Colton is still running the show here, he’s got an idol and he’s telling people they are next to go. Christina and Alicia are fighting, Alicia doesn’t give a shit because Christina is the next one out.

Next morning and people had dreams of Alicia killing them? WTF? Treemail hints at a backyard game and something sweet. We’ll see.

Probst brings ’em in for the reward challenge. Teams have to race to the top of a stack of crates, chuck a coconut off a makeshift trampoline and break targets. Winning tribe gets ice cream.

Neither team is getting the coconuts far enough to break the targets to start off. Finally Salani gets one. Tarzan ties it up for Manono. Lief hops up the crates and breaks one. Jeff Probst digs at Alicia saying his nephew could throw it further. Salana takes the lead but Manono ties it up again. Salani up 4 to 3. Probst calls Alicia “pathetic” on her third try. Salani wins ice cream reward! Colton is pissed.

Salani gorges themselves on ice cream, making huge sundaes on the beach. They are loving it.

Colton literally tells Christina to quit or jump in the fire or wait 2 days to get voted out. Jonas doesn’t like how personal Colton and Alicia are getting. Christina tries to scramble and get Lief and Jonas to vote Alicia out, saying she’s aligned with the girls on the other side. Alicia is standing right behind her and mockingly slow claps her before starting an argument about how much she sucks. The thing is, Alicia does have an alliance with the other girls and is trying to deflect attention from it now.

Middle of the night Colton gets a bad headache. Christina comes to his rescue a bit, massaging his scalp. Next day, Tarzan says he’s dehydrated but he actually thinks it might be appendicitis or something worse. Colton is lying down in the middle of the jungle now. They bring in Jeff Probst with the medics. His heart rate is going up like crazy. It’s likely appendicitis and they have to pull him out of the game to get checked out. He says goodbye to his tribe and takes the Immunity Idol home with him.

The power has shifted now. Jonas thinks that Alicia needs to go next.

Treemail says that both teams are going to Tribal. Salani has idea what’s going on. No challenge but anything can still happen. Tarzan still doesn’t know Christina’s name. Lief is the swing vote between getting rid of Christina or Alicia.

Bring em on in to Tribal. Salani notices that Colton is missing. Jeff Probst fills them in. Now he tells them it’s time to merge! One World baby! 12 people left, one tribe, 6 men, 6 women. Anything can happen.

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