Survivor One World: Ep07 The Beauty in a Merge

The merged tribe heads back to camp and passes around the champagne by camp fire. Day 18 and it’s Tikiano as their new One World tribe name. Tarzan still wants it back to guys vs. girls but it’s not really working out that way exactly.

Come on in guys, Jeff Probst sets up the reward challenge. Pizza and cold beer is up for the winners, as well as a secret note.. Jeff randomly splits them in half. Teams have to dig a hole in the sand under a fence then crawl under a set of posts. One team sends dwarf Lief out first, why? he’s going to dig the smallest hole for himself and the next person has to dig more. The other teams is dominating as Lief’s team keeps getting stuck in his tiny hole he dug. But they start to catch up as Sabrina can’t find her bag under the sand. It’s a footrace to the end, Sabrina gets stuck again and they’re tied as they start to work on the puzzle. Tarzan and Jonas vs. Troyzan and Christina on the puzzles. Troyzan and Christina get it. The team that put Lief first made a critical mistake.

The winning team gets their pizza and beer and a note saying there’s another hidden Immunity Idol back at camp.

Meanwhile Jonas is pissed that Tarzan told the least reliable person their plan. Jonas has it out with Tarzan. Early the next morning Troyzan heads out to look for the Immunity Idol before everyone else even wakes up. He finds it in a tree on the beach. It’s ridiculous how easily people are finding them these days, they don’t even need clues anymore. Weak sauce.

Come on in guys, Immunity is back up for grabs. Individual Immunity is what they seek. Survivors have to balance on a log while holding a plate-like disc with balls balanced on top. Right off the bat a big breeze starts up, throwing some people off. Tarzan is first to fall off the perch and is out. Everyone else makes it through the first round and to the second round with two balls on the plate. Christina’s balls roll off, then Michael’s do and it’s down to nine. Chelsea drops her balls and Kim does too.

And it’s now the third and final round, Alicia drops out right away- six left. Jay falls off, five left. Jonas is out. Sabrina drops her ball and is out. Lief falls out and it’s down to just Kat and Troyzan. Troyzan has those ridiculous finger toe shoes but Kat drops off the log for no apparent reason and Troyzan wins individually immunity (not that he needed it).

Chelsea and Jay are talking about keeping it Salani vs. Manono and taking out Jonas first. Everyone seems to want him out. Troyzan spills the beans to him; he doesn’t want him out since he’s the camp cook. Jonas is pushing for Kat to go. Meanwhile Tarzan is pissing everyone off with his poop stained undies and general annoyance.

Time for Tribal Council. Jonas flat out tells the group that he’s voting for Mike then reveals his plan with Tarzan to vote out Kat. It could go any way really, there’s a lot of votes out there. Time to vote. Jeff Probst tallies the votes; it’s between Jonas and Mike and the 7th person voted out and the first member of the jury is Jonas.

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