Survivor One World: Ep08 Just Annihilate Them

Day 21 on Tikiano in One World Survivor and Troyzan is sort of doubting his choice to switch from the all men’s alliance to the mixed one.

It starts off right away with a challenge with a giant 3 story slide. Survivors have to race down the giant water slides and then grab puzzle crates from the water and then put them together to form a puzzle. The winner’s get to basically star in a 7up commercial, Jeff says it so many times. He even gives them all a taste. Sponsored by 7up.

Jay and Mike start off fast down the slide unclipping the heavy crates and carrying them to the platform. The crates look heavy as hell. Oh the first person down the slide gets to help the second one carry the crate. It’s neck and neck. Christina runs ahead without helping her team carry the crate- wtf? Troyzan is atop the crate. Tarzan is sitting it out. Lief just starts screaming barbecue barbecue as he wins his first reward.

The winning teams arrives at the Seven Up Oasis which has a deck and small swimming pool and all the barbecue trimmings. Lief sits on the 7up cooler while everyone else gets an actual chair while they stuff their faces. Sabrina and Kim start scheming that it has to be all girls at the end, they need to take out Mike next.

Back at camp Tarzan is eating bamboo?! The girls want to send Mike home, Jay suggests Christina. The reward winners come on back with a crate full of… 7up. Is this whole show going to be a 7up commercial.

The next day and the weather has turned rainy and windy. They need to build up the shelter more. Tarzan is taking off part of the bamboo wall for firewood, and he starts arguing with Chelsea over it. He takes her aside and asks her if she’s pissed at him because he’s a plastic surgeon (!!!) and did she have a bad experience with her plastic surgeon? WTF Tarzan.

Kim tells Troyzan a lie that Mike is saying he’s a threat to win and wants to take him out. Treemail! It’s all about concentration the hint says.

Time for today’s Immunity Challenge. Immunity is back up for grabs. Contestants have to race across a ladder bridge while moving a bag of puzzle pieces along the rope entwined in it. Then round two, solve the puzzle. It’s Jay in first, three spots left. Kim is next and she’s moving on. It’s close, Mike and Troyzan had the lead and blew it. Troyzan gets it and moves on. Alicia and her exposed boobs move on the next round too.

First to solve the puzzle wins Immunity. Survivors GO! There are sixty blocks of wood in this puzzle. Kim and Alicia are pretty close. Jay is totally out of it. Kim is down to her last piece and it doesn’t fit in! She has to take it apart and figure it out. Same with Alicia. That gives Jay a chance to come back and Jay comes out of nowhere to win Immunity!

Kim is using Troyzan’s dislike of Mike to send Mike home- if everything works out and it’s an all women’s alliance dominating. Jay smells something fishy when girls from his alliance talk in front of some of the other girls who are not in his alliance (or supposed alliance). Now it’s a big mess; Jay and Mike go for a walk. Kim goes in to say vote off Christina to try to diffuse the situation. Kim is still unsure about whether or not she should make the move this week and go with the women’s alliance.

Time for Tribal and Jeff surveys everyone and nobody left thinks they are in danger of going home tonight. Tarzan says Jeff Probst is being played by the Tribe’s vague answers. Jeff says one of you is definitely being played… time to vote. The votes go to Christina and Tarzan and Mike. 2 votes each to start. 2 votes more for Mike, one last vote and Mike is voted out and is the second member of the jury. Mike, the Tribe has spoken, it’s time for you to go.

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