Survivor One World: Ep09 Go Out with a Bang

Ten Survivors left in Tikiano on day 23, can the men recover and do they even know that they’re down in numbers. Troy still doesn’t know if the girls are an alliance or not. Troyzan has the hidden Immunity Idol, so he’s not super worried, although he should be.

They are all gathered around for treemail and there’s a big board with balls on a string, they bring it back to their beach. It’s another DIY reward challenge. They have to toss a pair of balls on a string around a series of numbered pegs to get points. It looks like they get one shot each person. Kat scores a pair for her team. The underwear clad Tarzan scores 4. Christina scores a single.

The winners get a boat ride out to a barbecue. It’s rum and coconuts for everyone along with crabs and fish on hot coals under a giant rainbow. Sounds good to me. Jay is talking to Kat, saying he’s concerned that they sent a man home.

Back at Tikiano, the women are not really doubting their decision to send Mike home. They want Troy or Jay to go home next. Chelsea is having reservations about getting rid of those two. Sabrina says put on your big girl panties and make a decision here.

Jay and Troyzan say that Alicia need to go next, or at least some of the girls. Jay tries to get Kat to promise to vote for Alicia.

Immunity Challenge time, come on in. Jeff Probst takes back the necklace. It’s a Survivor classic, they have to stand on a wooden perch, handcuffed to a bucket above their head. Jeff will be tempting them with food items. It’s on and Tarzan is out instantly. Christina is out quickly too. They both missed out on the food offering. Sabrina takes the cookies right away and pulls her bucket down. Cupcakes are offered and Kim and Kat take the offer. Alicia takes the next food item without even seeing it and it’a s bowl of candy. 45 minutes in to the challenge and Troyzan loses his balance and is out.

It’s down to Jay, Lief, and Chelsea. Chicken wings and beer are offered and Jay takes it right away. It’s down to Lief and Chelsea. Next food temptation and it’s burgers and chips and beer. Lief steps down and Chelse wins individual immunity.

Kim liked how that went, she got to eat cupcakes and not be seen as a threat. The women want to take Troyzan out but want to use the split vote thing with Jay in case he has an idol (which he does, ladies). Kim reassures Troyzan that he’s safe, maybe a little too much. He’s suspicious now and digs up his immunity idol and he wants to vote for Kim. Troyzan tells Jay that he has the idol. Jay spills the beans to Kim and now everything is a bit in flux.

Tribal Council. Only Kim, Jay and Troyzan say they are worried tonight. The ladies say they notice who is wearing which shorts to tribal and whose pockets looks a little thicker and who is carrying a bag. Time to vote. Troyzan plays his hidden immunity idol. Smart move. Jeff reads the votes. Two non-counting votes for Troy. A vote for Kim, Jay and Alicia. One more for Jay and Alicia each. Jay gets his third vote. The ninth person voted out is Jay. The dudes are so screwed.

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