Survivor One World: Ep10 I’m No Dummy

Night 23 on Tikiano and Troyzan is trying to figure out what happened and is attacking everyone who voted for him, in turn digging his own grave possibly. He says now he needs to win every immunity and damn right you do buddy.

Next morning and Troyzan is still pissed. Treemail and everyone gets some cash to spend- it’s an auction. Host Jeff Probst lays down the auction rules, and they’re ready to spend ridiculous amounts of money on food. Donuts and ice coffee to start, $160 for Chelsea. Chips, guacamole and a margarita, and Sabrina wins it at $400. These girls can’t wait to spend their money. Protein shake and banana, $100 to Leif. It’s a shower with toothbrush, $40 to Kim. That’s a deal. Cold iced tea and a BLT goes for $160 to Kat. Chocolate in a vat of peanut butter and it goes for $240 to Kim, who picks it up in her towel. Letters from home and Alicia bids $500 right away and wins it. She cries and reads the letter from her Dad. Tarzan spends his $500 on a letter too. Next bid is an advantage in the next immunity challenge and Troyzan wins it for $420. Next item is covered and comes with a note- $160 to Kat. It’s a giant cake. They get 60 seconds for the entire tribe to stuff their faces with the cake. Gross.

Troyzan opens up his note, and the note gives him an automatic pass to the second stage in the next Immunity Challenge, upping his odds from 1 in 9 to 1 in 4 of winning the challenge. He takes off looking for the Immunity Idol as well. He found the last one already, and now he’s looking for it with no shame in front of everyone. He doesn’t have it but he’s tooling around with the cloth in his pocket as if he does, since that’s all he can really do without it.

Time for the Immunity Challenge, and immunity is back up for grabs. Survivors have to race to untangled knotted ropes. The second round has the bounce coconuts and break paper targets, the third round is the slingshot. Troyzan gets to sit out the first round and move on to round two. It’s neck and neck and Tarzan moves on first and lets out a Tarzan yell, Christina and Kim make it as well. First two in this round move on now. Tarzan off to the lead early, then Troyzan ties it up and hits his second for the lead. The two girls aren’t doing well at all. Troyzan moves on and claims it’s “My island, you can’t beat me”. Tarzan moves on too! Disaster for the girls.

Final round is a slingshot, one shot at a time. They each get one in the first round, looking to make three in a row. They are both one shot away from winning. Could go either way. Tarzan misses and Troyzan gets one and wins Immunity! Then he immediately starts trash talking the girls, who say bring it.

Back at camp, Chelsea and the girls are pretty much deciding between Leif and Tarzan, rather than take out a girl and have chaos reign. Troyzan tells Leif they need a pair of girls and then they could take out the strongest girls and change up the whole game. Troy talks to Christina and Alicia and says you’re going out 6 or 7, join with us and you’re at least top 5. Alicia is considering it. Troy wants to take out Kim.

Tribal Council, bring them on in. Immediately it’s Troyzan vs. everyone again, especially Sabrina. Troyzan lays out his proposition in public about having the two girls flip. Time to vote. It’s 3 votes Leif, 2 votes Kim, 3 votes Tarzan. The tenth person voted out is Leif. Tarzan voted for Leif, WTF?

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