Survivor One World: Ep11 Never Say Die

Night 27 on Tikiano and it’s down to just two men. Tarzan still doesn’t have a clue, his idea now is to just go along with the girls and maybe vote out Troyzan.

Next day Treemail and it hints at “powers of perception”. Two people are going to go on Reward together. Come on in guys. Wow the setup has voodoo type dolls of each contestant. They have to answer questions and guess what the group said. Right answers get to chop the rope of their competitors’ Survivor dolls. Troyzan is quickly knocked out by the girls, Tarzan is next. No surprise there. Chelsea is knocked out next. Kat goes next then Sabrina. It’s down to Kim, Christina, and Alicia. Christina goes out next; Kim and Alicia left.

Kim wins and chooses Alicia to go with her. Jeff gives her one more person and she chooses Chelsea. Troyzan says her choices are revealing; Kim, Alicia and Chelsea are the top dogs. The three top dogs enjoy their picnic and helicopter ride as they sit in fear about Troyzan’s statement.

Back at camp, they need to be concerned as the women realize what Troyzan is somewhat true. Kat is crying and angry about this, probably because she knows that it’s probably actually true. Sabrina tries to soothe her.

The reward winners return and Kat confronts Kim about not choosing her to go. Kim says just trust me. Uhmm no.

Holy smokes there’s a huge freaking pig at their camp. He’s just wandering around the camp. They try to catch it but he’s running all around scaring them off. It’s a wild goose chase. I’m guessing they didn’t catch it since they never show them catching it? Hmm.

Immunity challenge time. It’s a giant slip n slide where they have to grab rope rings along the way. Alicia and Chelsea lube their bodies up and do some weak ass slides before shuffling down the slide and Chelsea wins that round. Kat and Sabrina do much better and Kat moves on, catching the ring on the rod quickly. Troyzan v. Tarzan here, Tarzan is moving in slow motion but slow and steady wins and he gets it, much to the delight of the ladies. Christina vs. Kim; Christina is lame as hell in this, what else is new; Kim moves on. Kat vs. Chelsea for round 2, double the rings double the hooks. Chelsea lands two rings and moves on while Troyzan doesn’t even watch at all, his back turned. Tarzan vs. Kim, Kim off to a big lead and she lands two rings before Tarzan can even take a shot. Chelsea vs. Kim in the final round, the lubed up ladies slide down. They each get a ring, three rings in this round and Kim wins Immunity!

Back at camp, and hey there’s the pig just lying in the sand. The women still think Troyzan has the hidden Immunity Idol, so he’s going to split the vote. Kat is getting upset that Kim is running the show and telling everyone what to do. They are going to split the votes between Christina and Troyzan. Christina is not happy about that but she’s stupidly going along with it. Alicia basically calls her as dumb as rocks and has no idea what’s going on. Meanwhile Christina goes over to Troyzan and spills the beans about the split vote and suggest Chelsea. Now Troyzan thinks he can get Christina out if he gets a few more votes for her.

Tribal Council, did Troyzan convince anyone to join him and vote one of the girls off? Let’s vote. First vote- Chelsea, then three for Troyzan. Christina gets one, then another, then a third. And Troyzan couldn’t do it and gets the fourth vote. Troyzan, the Tribe has spoken, it’s time for you to go.

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