Survivor One World: Ep12 It’s Gonna be Chaos

With Troyzan toast, on night 30 there’s only one man left- Tarzan. Ailcia and the girls are realizing that Christina is not a threat to win because she can’t defend herself at Tribal and Sabrina totally is.

Day 31 Treemail and it’s a Sprint box. Video mail! Sabrina’s brother, Alicia’s sister, Chelsea’s father, Christina’s dad, Kim’s sister, Kat’s cousin, and Tarzan’s wife all are on the island and have video messages for them. Bring ’em on in, challenge time. Jeff Probst brings out the loved ones, tears all around.

Challenge time and the loved one teams have to make their way through a course along a twisted rope while attached to one another. Tarzan and Christina have no shot at this one. Alicia is stuck, surprisingly Sabrina and her brother are knotted up and stuck at the beginning. It’s down to Kat and her (very close?) cousin, Chelsea and her father and Kim and her sister. Kat and Kim in a battle to the end and Kat and seemingly incestuous cousin Robbie win reward!

An afternoon away from camp. She gets to choose one person to join her and chooses Kim. Her second choice is Alicia. WTF? Uncool choices and she rubs it in about getting drunk on margaritas in front of everyone else. Very selfish. You don’t choose Tarzan or Christina? You might have just lost the game for yourself Kat.

Back at camp, Sabrina is pissed off at Kat and wants her out. Chelsea thinks Kat is friendly with all the men on the jury and she needs to go. Tarzan is not so sure.

Bring ’em in, time for today’s Immunity Challenge. Immunity back up for grabs! Survivors have to stand on a ledge holding a handle behind their back, with a winch changing their angle every now and again. Interestingly, only Tarzan wears shoes on this. After 10 minutes, Sabrina drops out. Tarzan quickly follows. Five ladies left, one blurred booty. Jeff gives the winch another crank, it’s been 20 minutes and Alicia drops out. Chelsea drops out next. Down to Kat, Kim and Christina. Christina gives up and it’s just Kat and Kim. They’ve been up there one hour and Jeff cranks it some more, letting them lean further out over the water. Kat drops down and Kim wins Immunity, again!

Kat thinks Sabrina is set to go. Alicia feels threatened by Kat since she lasted so long in the challenge and Sabrina dropped out so quickly. Alicia brings it up to Kim, who doesn’t exactly agree. Kim still thinks Sabrina is a bigger threat. Chelsea and Kim are the swing votes.

Tribal Council, bring in the members of the jury. Bunch of dudes. Kat’s age is brought and they say that she uses it as an excuse for every mess up. Kat doesn’t seem worried about being blindsided. Time to vote, let’s see how it goes down. Kat seems surprised she’s getting any votes at all and is pissed as hell when she gets 4 and is voted out. Kat, the Tribe has spoken, it’s time for you to go. Blindsided!

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