Survivor One World: Ep13 It’s Human Nature

We’re getting close to the end her on TIkiano on night 33. Tarzan has some sort of secret plot to make top 3. He tells Kim that she should get rid of Chelsea and then Sabrina. Alicia seems to agree with that.

Christina reveals to Kim and Tarzan that Chelea has an alliance with Kim and Sabrina. Kim is pissed that it reveals she’s playing both sides. Dangerous spot for her if everyone figures it out.

Reward challenge. Survivors have to spin around to unlock a series of discs which gives clues to a decoder to solve a puzzle. Prize is a trip on a yacht! Sabrina off to an early lead as they spin around and get dizzy. Kim catches up and everyone’s close as they try to solve the rotating decoder. Alicia and Chelsea are quick to solve the first part but struggle with the second decoder lock box and Chelsea pulls it up and wins reward! She gets to choose one person and she goes with Sabrina. For her other choice she goes with Kim.

Back at camp Christina and Alicia are pissed. Chelsea told Christina she would take her on reward and didn’t. Christina, Alicia, and Tarzan are set on voting for Chelsea, and need to convince Kim to go along with them otherwise it will go to rocks.

Back from their reward, Kim tries to convince Alicia that Tarzan is playing everyone and is the mastermind. Alicia says if Chelsea wins immunity, Tarzan is gone, she thinks she’s the most powerful player and he’s trying to dupe her in some way.

Time for Immunity Challenge. Immunity is back up for grabs. They have to use arched fishhooks to pick up puzzle pieces to make a fish skeleton. With one hand behind their back. It’s neck and neck for the first section with Kim and Alicia off to a slight lead. They both increase their lead with Kim out front. But Kim struggles a bit and lets everyone but Chelsea catch up. Kim and Alicia still in the lead. Alicia is close but her pieces start to fall out of the puzzle. Kim drops a piece and Alicia wins Immunity.

Tarzan has a lizard in his hand now? And he’s calling Alicia a bitch? What is he doing? Chelsea’s feeling down that she might go next especially when Christina hasn’t done crap the whole game. Kim is sort of the swing vote, but it’s sort of Alicia’s decision.

It’s Tribal Council, we’ll see how this goes. Jeff gets everyone to air it all out and they just repeat what they’ve been saying all episode. First vote: Chelsea. Then Tarzan. And the votes go to Tarzan. Alicia didn’t trust him I guess. Stupid for playing into Kim’s game. Tarzan, the tribe has spoken. All girls left.

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