Survivor One World: Ep14 Perception is Not Always Reality (Finale)

Back from Tribal Council and it’s only the ladies left in the game. They’ve knocked out all the men, one by one. Chelsea and Sabrina are in danger now as two of the strongest left with Christina, Alicia and Kim in a mini-alliance for now. Kim’s trying to play Sabrina to get rid of Chelsea.

Treemail- it’s a challenge for a guaranteed spot in the final four. Come on in guys. It’s a balance beam maze, followed by a rope net where they have to pick up puzzle pieces. The puzzle gives them numbers to solve a combination lock and immunity.

Survivors ready… go! It’s a challenge just to get into the challenge, they have to untie knots to open the gate. Christina somehow is out to an early lead and gets on the balance beam maze. Kim and Christina both fall off and have to start over. Kim hits a dead end. Alicia and Chelsea finish the maze first and go to untie their bags of puzzle pieces. Alicia stupidly unties other people’s bags! Chelsea gets her bags first and starts working on the puzzle, followed by Sabrina.

Now all five are working on their puzzles. Sabrina is stuck on the puzzle, Christina not doing much better. Alicia, Chelsea, and Kim working fast on the puzzle. Kim reads the puzzle to get her clue to the combination and she doesn’t have the combination right. Looks like she didn’t count all the skulls on the puzzle. Kim trying every combination of the numbers she has to no avail. Kim and Alicia aren’t getting it, they climb back down to the puzzle to try it again. And Kim gets and Kim wins Immunity!

Kim and Chelsea talk about getting rid of Alicia. Kim still has the Idol and Chelsea asks her to play it for her. Kim assures Alicia that Chelsea is going tonight. It could go either way.

Bring ’em on for Tribal. Nothing new revealed at Tribal, time to vote. Jeff Probst reads the votes- 2 votes Chelsea, 2 votes Alicia.. final vote is Alicia. The tribe has spoken.

Next day and Christina thinks she needs to win immunity. No you don’t, everyone wants to take you because you haven’t done crap all game. The final four do the traditional stroll through the torches of their “fallen comrades” and recall each one. This is taking way too long, Survivor producers. Just saying.

Final Immunity Challenge. Survivors have to use a pole to move bowls through a giant puzzle thing. Kim gets the the first bowl balanced. Christina close behind and she closes the gap as Kim drops a bowl. Sabrina is crapping it up again, she’s totally out of it. The whole structure shakes on a giant spring as they place more and more bowls in a stack on the top. It’s tied between Christina and Kim with 8 out of 10 bowls. Here comes the wind. Kim’s 9th bowl is barely hanging on, the whole thing is leaning as she starts on her 10th and final bowl. Kim places her final bowl and it balances and she wins Immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final 3. Kim is dominating at the end here.

Back at camp Kim tells Christina that she’s going. Christina is ok with that, not going to fight for it? Now Kim is waffling but of course they’re not showing us any discussions, so who knows what’s really happening there.

At Tribal Jeff is astonished why Christina didn’t even try to talk to anyone to convince them out of voting for her. Christina tries to defend herself a little bit now and say Sabrina should go, but why didn’t you do that before Tribal? Well Christina votes for Sabrina, and vice versa. And no surprise to anyone, Christina is voted out. Sabrina, Chelsea and Kim are your final three.

Day 39 and they made it! Sabrina is crying for no apparent reason. Keep it together girl, you have to convince a jury to vote for you soon. The last three Survivors get the traditional picnic at the end before heading to meet the jury.

Chelsea bizarrely decides to stand up to give her little speech. She talks about how she and Kim were a pair the whole time. Kim says she strategized the entire game. Sabrina says she was laid off and she didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Christina gives Chelsea a hardball question- why do you hate people? Lol. Mike says Kim might have been stupid for taking the blame for every blindside she did. Tarzan is in outer space, going off about his wife in poetry and thanking everyone- no questions. Leif still seems upset he was voted out. Alicia is totally full of herself and doesn’t ask any questions either. Troyzan is pissed at Kim, asks her one question and is done. Cat says she has to have open heart surgery next year so she’s not going to be angry at them, so she forgives all of them. No questions.

Time to vote, Troyzan votes for Sabrina, Cat votes for Kim. This could go any way. Jeff takes the sealed votes back to the Reunion Show in New York City.

Who will win the million dollars? They show the two votes already shown. Now it’s 2 votes Kim, 2 votes Sabrina. Another for Kim. Kim up 4-2 now. And Kim wins Survivor: One World. Congrats Kim.

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