Survivor Redemption Island: ep02: You Own My Vote

The second episode of Survivor: Redemption Island starts with Francesqua (lol) actually arriving on Redemption Island with a lantern she’s been given. Ometepe returns from Tribal and Rob immediately talks to Phillip who says Rob owns his vote this whole game. Play on player. Rob’s the man because he says delusional Phillip is next to go. Burn! I would have kicked him off as soon as he started prancing around in pink tighties, personally.

Crazy Phillip is shown trying to hunt hermit crabs with a spear. Usually it takes weeks before contestants start losing it like this. The rest of his tribe (and the home viewing audience) is highly amused at the Special Agent. Very special indeed.

Meanwhile over at Zapatera, Russell calls Brillo Pad Ralph “the dumbest player on the face of the Earth”. He then proceeds to do his thing which is find Idos without clues. Except the “dumbest player….” stumbles across it in a tree under some rocks. Ruh roh Shaggy!

It seems like in the last few seasons they have not hidden the Immunity Idols very well at all, I’m guessing on purpose. It sort of devalues the Idols a bit. For future Survivor contestants here’s how you find Idols: find a pile of rocks and dig. Done.

At the Immunity Challenge, Ralph wins it over Phillips’ ball tossing. Phillip is sporting a bathing suit- WHY COULDN”T HE WEAR THIS BACK AT CAMP INSTEAD OF PINK UNDERWEAR? Yep that deserved all caps. Matt shakes the winning team’s hands and that back at Ometepe, Matt and Andrea are getting too close for Rob’s comfort so he decides Matt needs to go. Too cocky, too soon Matt.

We learned this episode that the dreadlock dude can talk! Also he has a name- Grant- and he’s an ex-NFL player. At Tribal Rob says Matt is playing textbook Survivor with his social game, but you know what Matt- Rob wrote the textbook on Survivor and tonight he added his next chapter and took you out in a blindside. Buh-bye Matt.

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