Survivor Redemption Island: ep03: Keep Hope Alive

Survivor got really interesting this week beginning with the arrival of Matt on Redemption Island as he enters into an arena duel against Francesqua. Two witnesses chosen at random from each tribe are allowed to watch the battle which ends up being a tie a bunch or sticks together to retrieve a key through a cage style competition. They’ve done this one enough times that a well-versed contestant should probably practice it at home a few times along with knot untying.

Matt really knows how to work the stick (that’s what she said) and eeks it out at the last second and sends ‘squa packing for good. Interestingly she gets to toss her buff into the fire since her torch was already extinguished at Tribal.

Back at Ometepe, Rob tries to rope Andrea back in after sending her boo to Redemption Island but she’s kinda on the fence and starts bawling about her “good friend” (that she’s known for all of 4 days in a reality competition).

Over at Zapatera, Steve (he speaks!!!!!!!) lies to Russell about who won the Redemption Island challenge. Russell is outnumbered 6 to 3 and starts Idol hunting but Brillo Pad already has it in his bag. Not finding it, they use Stephanie’s bag as an ingenious decoy, as she pretends to guard it cautiously. Since half the people on Survivor are trying to become actors anyway, consider this a fantastic first audition. Where do they get those bags from anyway? What’s the deal? Back in my day we had to make their own bags out of palm fronds and then walk uphill to Tribal both ways.

In this year’s nasty body issue segment, we see Russell’s nastyass armpit rash. Meanwhile the rest of his tribe makes the usually-fatal mistake of throwing the challenge. Have these people not seen the show before? It’s all about numbers. Julie the jacked firefighter finally speaks and she’s seen the show before and considers flipping and I wouldn’t argue with those guns.

The challenge is the go around the wheel and spit out water deal they’ve done before and Zapatera (thanks to Jacked Julie missing) throws it so they can get rid of Russell. Russell is suspissecious (suspicious and pissed).

Meanwhile Rob tells Special Agent Pink Undies to get his fat ass off the chair they won as a reward so it won’t break and finds a clue to the Idol inside the chair! It’s too vague to help him find it though. So he finds the clue but he still has no clue.

At Tribal, Russell calls out the rest of the tribe for throwing the challenge and is then sent packing on a revote after a 3-3-3 tie (Brillo Pad spells his name “Ressel” – classic). They should rename this Survivor: Bad Spelling Island. It’s his first time ever being voted off Survivor. Probst says the teams is so divided they are screwed at the merge. A merge is confirmed!

Next week should be VERY interesting as Russell tries to make his way back into the game via Redemption Island challenges.

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