Survivor Redemption Island: ep05: We Hate Our Tribe

Ometepe returns from Tribal on Night 11 in the rain. Boston Rob thinks Super Double Secret Agent Pink Panties kneed him in the back all night, on purpose. Meanwhile Very Special Agent is pissing everyone off and disgusting them with his manties that Rob thinks maybe he needs to stay (and that’s why Rob’s the best player ever, he knows you keep the ones everyone hates).

Zapatera’s eating some nice looking fish they caught in their reward net. Stephanie and Krista want to tell the other team at Redemption that they are Russells’ girls and they want to flip maybe. Matt and Kristina battle it out in the arena in a cube building puzzle contest. Matt wins his third battle in a row to stay on Redemption Island. The two girls reveal to Rob and Grant that they want to flip at the merge to Ometepe’s side. Redemption Island is turning out to be more interesting than I thought it would be but not for the reasons it should; it’s almost like a pow-wow of the teams.

Agent Manties says “he can’t make an impression on the ladies” but oh he’s making an impression- he’s grossing them out and annoying them. Andrea is doing work while the other two girls Natalie and Ashley just lie around. Special Agent Undies and Andrea sorta come to a future alliance if Matt comes back and sorta kinda think they might want to vote Rob out at some point.

Mike (finally speaks!) is slightly concerned about the Krista/Stephanie alliance.

At the Immunity Challenge, teams are blindfolded to find puzzle pieces in a maze. Immunity and a basket of pastries up for grabs- Brillo Pad seems more interested in the sweets. Stephanie and Boston Rob are the callers. Brillo Pad won’t shut up and can’t hear the directions and doesn’t know right from left anyway once he finally does listen up. Rob seems to be relying heavily on Grant to find the bags. Rob gets to the puzzle first and finishes first. Zapatera thinks they should have had lawyer David do the puzzle instead.

Rob and Grant find a hidden immunity idol clue in the reward coffee. Rob switches out the new clue for the first (vague) clue and shows the first one to Grant, hiding the new one. It’s all just a game anyway since he already found the Idol.

Sarita finally speaks and defends her choice of puzzle makers at losing Zapatera. David reminds everyone that he’s a lawyer (again) and says he’s the puzzle guy from here on out. Stephanie thinks they should get ride of Steve because he does nothing and is not a good athlete. I guess that NFL experience means nothing.

At Tribal the team is basically unanimous in voting out Krista.

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