Survivor Redemption Island: ep06: Their Red-Headed Stepchild

After last week’s still Russell related vote-off, we see Krista heading to Redemption Island to meet up with the mummified sleeping Matt (what was on his face anyway, a buff?). If Krista’s smart, she’ll take Matt out in his sleep; hold onto that machete buddy.

Back at camp, Stephanie is outcast at Zapatera. Steve takes offense that he got the votes last night at Tribal and the implication that he’s not the supreme athlete he thinks he is. Little does Steve know that he’s not even the best ex-NFL player in the game right now.

Ashley and Natalie of Ometepe are having a gross beach armpit grooming session while the men and Andrea work around the camp. Agent Undies Philip is wearing his bathing suit, thank you thank thank you. Seriously thank you.

Surprise- there’s treemail and luxury items at Redemption Island; Matt and Krista get a bible as we see a bit of the island during the day for the first time, it’s boring. The duel this week is to grab bags with a thrown grappling hook and then move the balls through a labyrinth maze. Krista is first to the maze as Matt takes the lead and wins AGAIN! Fourth time in a row. If he returns to the game, he’s gonna be brimming with confidence and could take it all… or he could be seen as a threat and taken out right away. Krista gives Matt her bible as she leaves the game for good.

At Zapatera Sarita’s got a toothache from brushing her teeth with a stick. Lawyer David is conspiring with Stephanie, he wants Sarita out and he’s not alone. Does she remind anyone else of Kristen Wiig from SNL except funnier?

Special Agent Phil is stockpiling wood at Ometepe and is pissed the girls aren’t helping out. Rob and Grant say to each other, they’re 19 year old girls, they’re not gonna do anything. Yet Phillip starts in with the girls, mispronouncing Andrea’s name, it’s day 15 Manties, you should know what everyone’s name in your Tribe is, especially given your extensive Secret Agent training. Girls say he’s mental and annoying and they’re like so totally done with him, oh my god. Rob wants the girls to not do anything and annoy the crap out of everyone so he can win. Smartest player ever, yep.

Stephanie apologizes to Steve for voting him and pushes a case for Sarita to go. Steve isn’t sure if she’s honest or lying but he confirms that Sarita’s on the shortlist too.

Phillip is going to use both his gorilla and his lion tattoos for today’s challenge. Teams have to slingshot and battle to catch balls in a lacrosse style net. Immunity and a picnic lunch at a spa are up for grabs. Ex-NFL player Grant is on total fire, catching the short shots for Ometepe as they absolutely own this challenge and take it 5-0.

At the reward lunch, Rob spots the clue and Grant grabs it. Unfortunately using his Very Special Agent skills, Phillip spots them reading it which pisses off Phillip to no end. Super Agent Undies threatens the whole wrath of the United States Army on the non-sharing members of his alliance. Bat shit crazy, thank goodness they won and don’t have to send him home because he’s highly entertaining.

A depressed Zapatera is trying to regroup and get the best team together going forward. Sarita knows she’s on the fringe but doesn’t want to campaign because she’s stupid as all hell. With the combined immunity/reward challenges and Sarita sitting out today, the team knows she has to compete next time, a definite negative for her. At Tribal, Steve calls Sarita an Uptown Girl. The arguments are not enough and Stephanie is sent packing to Redemption Island. Poor choice by the tribe, imo.

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