Survivor Redemption Island: ep07: It Don’t Take a Smart One

After last week’s Tribal, the remaining Zapatera 6 aren’t as unified as they had thought they were with David on the outskirts a bit after voting for Sarita. At Redemption Island Stephanie won’t shut the hell up about food, Matt’s ready to knock her out and get some peace and quiet. Rob calls Secret Agent Philip the most unaware person he’s ever met. The duel on Redemption is a simple memory matching game. Against all odds, both Matt and Stephanie get matches with their first blind flips. Matt dominates- again- and gets to stay.

Jeff Probst prompts Stephanie to reveal info to Rob, that he will be targeted by Zapatera just like Russell was. Phillip quotes some Japanese proverb that Rob interprets as a threat against him when they merge, somehow.

Phillip falls out of a tree and Rob throws him under the bus to the rest of the tribe, saying he wanted to keep information from Redemption Island secret. Well he is a Super Secret Agent after all, that’s what he does (and run around in pink underwear- both of which he picked up in the Army). Boston Rob says he’s not going to blindside him at Tribal, but instead he’s gonna “frontside” him to his face. You gotta give Rob credit- he knows how to make a soundbite for TV.

Back from the duel, brillo pad Ralph thinks Davids gonna flip at the merge. David’s bugging the hell out of jacked Julie and the rest of them anyway.

Closeup on Special Agent Phillip eating- gross, and now he’s fighting over the “crispy” part of the rice. He’s pissed and saying shit about the girls sleeping in Rob’s underwear, he’s the undies expert, I think he’s just upset they don’t want to wear his manties. Agent Undies really wants Rob out now, and he’s pisssssed off. Please please don’t vote him off, he’s so entertaining. We neeeed to see this guy giving a speech in the finale.

At the Immunity and Reward combo challenge teems have to race through an obstacle course and then shoot some balls through a hoop. Grant AGAIN completely dominates the physical athletic aspect and makes a bunch of baskets and Ometepe wins Immunity and reward which is a helicopter trip to the edge of a volcano. Rob finds the clue in a jar of cookies (genius move again, he’s finding it every time) and tosses it into the volcano since he already has the hidden Immunity necklace.

At Zapatera the vote looks like it’s coming down to either Sarita or David. Sarita is playing the “I don’t trust David” card even though he did great at the challenge. It’s coming down to trust versus keeping the tribe strong, again. Sarita totally blew at the challenge, so it’s a coin toss at this point.

Probst has to explain what “cohesive” means to brillo pad who answers a question with “I disagree”. Sarita is voted out 4-2. They’re not showing the votes this season, very frustrating , so we don’t know who gave David the other vote (I suspect Ralph though since one vote had weird spelling). Sarita heads to Redemption Island where all her few remaining hopes and dreams for Survivor will be crushed handily by Matt next week. Until then…

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