Survivor Redemption Island: ep08: This Game Respects Big Moves

After booting Sarita, Zapatera tries to regroup a bit. At Redemption Island, Matt isn’t too worried about the competition with Sarita and she gives out a LOT of information. Both entire Tribes are invited to the duel…possible merge? Matt has a cut on towards the outside bottom of his foot. Jeff Probst says the winner goes back into the game. Unfortunately for Matt the challenge involves balancing on the outside bottom of their feet. Uhhmmm you think the producers had anything to do with that?

Probst lays out the ultimate torture by asking Phillip a question about warrior code which he gives a complex answer to. I think Grant may have dozed off during this. The torture doesn’t faze the suspended duelers. Finally Sarita drops and Matt wins his sixth in a row and gets to go back into the game. Dude’s a beast.

Now Probst announces the merge. Everyone’s happy. They’re going to a brand new beach and Probst says there’s another round of Redemption Island starting with the next Tribal Council. Wow- that’s huge- whoever gets to come back in is going to be in way towards the end of the game. Interesting.

They arrive at the new beach and there’s a huge feast. Rob makes up a name, Merlonio and claims it means combined from the sea. Lolz. No hidden Immunity Idol clues in this basket. The team gets to work right away building a shelter. Matt immediately gets back close with Andrea. Mike tries to woo the pair over to the old Zapatera side.

Matt wants to take out Ometepe and then blindside Rob but Andrea is not so sure it’s a good idea to flip, especially Ometepe having a 7 to 5 advantage. Rob is getting sketched out by the group that is all into the Bible- and he wants Mike out.

At the Immunity Challenge, the first for individual immunity, Probst reveals the glimmering necklace of invincibility. Contestants simply have to balance balls on a flat disc of wood while balancing on a curved log. Special Agent Phillip immediately has trouble balancing himself. Jacked Julie is the first to drop though. They’re up to three balls and they start dropping like flies. It comes down to the statue still Mike and Natalie, Mike falls off the log and Natalie wins Immunity and more screen time than she’s had all season.

Matt believes that God doesn’t want him to flip. He tells Rob that someone in Mike’s alliance has the Idol and asked him to flip. Rob is pissed that Matt even considered flipping and now wants Matt out. Don’t mess with the boss Matt. Mike slips Matt a note saying he’ll take him to the final three, and Matt’s considering it. Uhmm where the hell did they get a pen from?

There’s a boatload of people at Tribal- 12 might be the biggest crowd ever? Matt is standing at the voting station unsure of who to vote for. Brillo Pad plays his immunity idol for Mike! Too early buddy, Rob laughs. Matt is voted out AGAIN! David calls it genius… David needs to flip to the smart team, he’s stuck with a bunch of goobers. Matt’s back to Redemption Island yet again. Poor guy but honestly he has a better shot there where he can Colby his way towards the finals.

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