Survivor Redemption Island: ep09: The Buddy System

Matt is sent back to Redemption Island and is in disbelief that he got blindsided- again. He thinks he might be the most naive person to ever play Survivor- not by a long shot buddy- you’re not even the most naive this season *cough* Ralph *cough*.

David calls Rob’s vote out- a straight up mob move and starts throwing out mafia references about him. David’s clearly a bit obsessed with Rob (deservedly so, he’s one of the best to ever play the game). Jacked Julie calls it cold-blooded. Brillo Pad Ralph is upset the Ometepe others won’t tell him who they want to vote out- not that they know yet. Rob is keeping an us versus them mentality, separate shelters and eating times- basically manipulating the crap out of everyone.

Ralph and Ashley are conspiring (off camera) and Natalie tells Rob; now Rob wants Ashley out maybe as he does a bizarre interview looking to the left of the camera. Phillip shows up at the Immunity Challenge with a feather on his head like a whackass chicken. Teams have to dig to get a club to smash a tile before sucking up gross water and then transporting the nasty water in their mouth under a barrier into a tube and then in the third round solve a puzzle.

It’s all the dudes and Jacked Julie moving on to the second round as some of the ladies prove they are not really adept at spitting into a tube (niiiice). Grant, Mike and David move on the final puzzle. All Star Grant finishes first and wins Immunity. Dude is insane in challenges- a freakin’ monster. A pure challenge animal- challanimal.

Back at Murlonio, Zapatera notices that the flagpole has moved and they start digging- Rob notices- natch- and runs over with his crew. Ometepe comes back and starts digging with the shovels. Rob has Idol paranoia, especially since Brillo Pad played his last night there’s another in play. Not necessarily a bad thing, you don’t want to get blindsided by an idol.

At Tribal, Feather Agent Phillip is wearing his feather again. Probst is mildly obsessed with the feather and questions him on it. Probst clearly has a thing for Secret Agent Man- who knows, he already hooked up with one contestant after the show, maybe the Probst swings both ways. The vote goes along old Tribal lines and Mike is sent to Redemption Island because Ometepe thinks he has the best chance to beat Matt.

Back at camp, Rob is liking that Special Agent Phillip remained loyal. Rob (rightfully) thinks he’s batshit crazy and would be a good person to take the end because of that. In his interview Phillip makes it seem like he’s faking the crazy shit and knows that Rob’s gonna take him to the end. I don’t know about that buddy, I think you’re crazy- those tattoos aren’t fake, are they?

David is worried that Brillo Ralph is going to talk to the other side and ruin everything. Phillip doesn’t want to hear it from Ralph. Time for another challenge! Reward in plain site- cheeseburgers! Contestants simply have to hang from a monkeybar style bar over water and not drop.

Phillip and Steve opt to eat cheeseburgers and not play. Everyone else is just hanging around. Rob loses his Boston hat and thus all his power and ends up dropping first (hint hint Zapatera- take the hat!). It goes to hanging by legs only and Jacked Julie is next followed quickly by Grant and Ralph. Apparently Julie is only jacked from the waist up. David is the only Zapetera left and he’s using a single leg method- interesting. David can’t hang and it’s the three Ometepe girls who decide to give to Andrea.

Ralph catches some fish but Rob doesn’t want his team to eat because they’re dead (the fish that is, although in Survivorland they are all pretty much dead in the game anyway). Rob’s controlling their diet, everything- except Grant who says f this, I’m eating fish. Either David or Steve is going. Steve is struggling and wants to go, David is a strong strategic player. Zapatera calls Ometepe a cult at Tribal. David writes Rob four times on his card and writes please count as four votes…lolz. Not gonna work- the votes are in and David is sent to Redemption Island to join Mike in a some sort of triple duel with Matt next week. Until next time….

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