Survivor Redemption Island: ep10: Rice Wars

Over at Redemption Island, Matt is praying out loud and doubting his desire to stay in the game as David arrives to join Mike and Matt to make it a trio. Left on the cutting room floor: his please don’t make me face Rob in a duel prayer.

Back at Murlonio, the former Zapatera are still baffled at Phillip’s behavior at Tribal Council last night. Phillip mispronounces Murlonio and mediates up on a cliff with his feather and sounds somewhat lucid, surprisingly. Most people go insane as the game goes on, Phillip gets saner. Zapatera has a ton of rice left as Phillip counts Jacked Julie’s scooping. Phillip, the rice cop, steals some of their rice and gives it to former Ometepe.

All contestants are summoned to the three way duel on Redemption. Each has 150 tiles and have to build an 8 foot tall house of cards; only one will be eliminated. Mike and Matt finish their stacks first and send David packing. Matt is undefeated still, 7 straight duels he’s won. David is the first member of the jury and Matt goes back to praying for no Rob next week.

Rob fears Matt still; he wants to continue to send people to Redemption that might beat him. Back at the beach, Ometepe’s rice has maggots and crap at the bottom, they have to dump half out; Zapatera won’t let them combine rice in their clean container. Super Agent Phillip threatens to steal and bury all the rice. Phil calls Steve a racist. Phil’s pissed off, dropping the n’bomb and just going off saying he’s not crazy in a totally crazy way. Special Agent Phillips runs off in his not crazy at all pink manties. Scratch that earlier comment about his getting saner- must have been just a brief moment of clarity.

Time for the Immunity Challenge and the contestants have to build a multi-stage puzzle wheel. Rob finishes the first stage first. For the final round, Andrea, Rob and Steve are fighting for it but Rob takes it in a close one. Back at the beach Jacked Julie hides Phillip’s bathing suit, forcing us all to watch him walk around in his manties. I HATE YOU JULIE. Ugh. Seriously. Come on. Not cool, not cool at all. I’m gonna need another beer to watch this display of pink clothed manhood. This sets Phillip off, again. Heck, this sets me off and I’m still wearing pants.

Rob has all the power to decide, again, but it’s not revealed to the cameras so we to Tribal blind. Phillip is going off on Steve AGAIN at Tribal, saying that whenever Steve calls him crazy, he’s calling him the n-word. Jeff Probst brings the rationale of common sense back to the proceedings. Surprisingly Julie is voted out. Hmmm. Wish they showed some discussion about why they chose her instead of the petty race argument.

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