Survivor Redemption Island: ep11: A Mystery Package

After another crazy Tribal (aren’t they all with Very Special Agent Phillip?), Steve apologizes to Phil but Phil’s Agent prowess sees through it and isn’t buying into it- because he’s freakin’ crazy. Phillip wakes up and goes to look for his shorts that Jacked Julie buried and whaddya know- he finds them! Undercover Specialist finds things that are under cover. The only one happier than Phil about finding his shirts is me! Not happy- the network censor who has way less to blur now and less overtime work.

Over at Redemption Island, Mike senses that Matt is close to cracking since his Tribe screwed him over a second time. He’s spent 21 days on Redemption and 7 days in the regular game. The duel is a tabletop shuffleboard game. Matt somehow lands three pucks in and is the first one safe. It’s down to Mike and Julie and Mike stays and Jacked Julie is sent back to the gym.

Andrea feels bad that she was responsible for playing Matt and breaking his spirit. Boston Rob and Grant now think that Andrea should be one of the first to go- they fear her getting back with Matt should he return.

At the Immunity Challenge, it’s a simple log roll, one on one heats. Plus there’s milk and ginormous chocolate cake reward for the winner. After the heats it’s Grant vs. Brillo Pad Ralph in the finals and Grant the machine wins cake and Immunity. Dude is a machine in the challenges. An absolute beast. Jeff Probst tosses a mystery package to them to open at Tribal. Grant picks Rob and Andrea to cram chocolate in their faces with him. He chose her strictly for strategic purposes in case they need to blindside her tonight- build up the trust now. Smart move Grant.

Rob has everyone convinced to vote Ralph and then if there’s a twist where they have to vote a second person it’s Andrea. Steve tries to win over the other two girls which would totally work if only they wanted Andrea in it. They report back to Rob which has him now pissed at Steve for playing the game. Don’t piss off Rob- especially when he’s sugar crashing after all that chocolate cake!

At Tribal Steve is bringing up Rob’s play like 8 seasons ago in All Stars. Rob reminds everyone he stuck with his alliance to Amber still to this day- thus winning the girl’s votes for the rest of this game because they think he’s romantic- smartest player ever. Dude knows what he’s doing. As expected Brillo Pad Ralph gets voted out and heads to Redemption.

Now Probst has them open up the secret package. It’s a set of cards. It says they are now competing in their next Immunity Challenge right there on the spot and voting someone out! Everyone is handed a set of cards and they have to flash them back in the same order that Probst shows his. This shit ain’t rocket science but they’re dropping out like flies. Rob wins Immunity in just one round.

Before the second vote there’s a lotta head nodding going on with Rob, Grant and Natalie- who knows- it’s either Steve or Andrea going. Ometepe sticks to the original plan and sends Steve packing.

It’s incredible but throwing that one challenge back in the beginning just to get rid of Russell has hurt Zapatera all the way to their end. Now there’s four on Redemption Island, almost a whole separate Tribe there. Next week things are about to get a whole lot more interesting I suspect.

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